I Thought I Could See You
I Thought I Could See You valentine's day stories

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How my Valentine's Day went.

I Thought I Could See You

Yesterday, Valentine's Day. I thought that we would exchange gifts, smiles, and happiness. I got up early to get ready. I begged my mom to see if I could go and see you.

She finally said yes. I arrived at your house, and I ran the doorbell. I heard a commotion inside.

You opened the door and blinked, for your eyes weren't used to the sunlight. I bite my lip as you ask what I was doing there.

I smiled awkwardly and said, "Happy Valentine's Day!" He stood there, confused with my outburst and said, "Today's Valentin-"

I blinked. "You forgot it's Valentine's Day?" He flinched at my tone of voice. "Yeah.." he said, stretching.

I stood there for a moment before shoving the gift into him before turning around and running back to my mom's car.

His mom looked out of the open door as my mom started to drive away. Of course, he just stood there.

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