Whirlwind of Emotions
Whirlwind of Emotions  romance stories
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baekon @m.using.s on ig
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Anger, sadness, anxiety, stress, all wrapped in one. Lovely things, emotions are.

Whirlwind of Emotions

I was upset You knew why It was the same reason again and again Because of her Your past love The one you really can't let go, can you?

I was wrong I took it out on you I raged and raged You took it all in I seethed and seethed You let me use you as an emotional punching bag

I was miserable Tears would flow every five minutes When I think about you and her together

I took it too far I ended it again from the agony You couldn't take it anymore I'm so sorry but you had no right

No right to threaten me my friends my family all my loved ones because I could not control my emotions

You gave me a deadline to do something you knew would kill me emotionally and my family

I had no choice I gave in to you and stayed with you to protect the ones I love What we have... is it really love?

Is it really love... to be scared? to stay in fear of what you would do if I didn't? to care for you so much and overlook your anger as love? to not let our relationship end so you... won't end?

I think about what we have What we went through The happy memories of you kissing me all over and holding me close The sad memories of me leaving you too many times

I had come up with a conclusion

We are dysfunctional We are emotionally abusive We are hurtful to each other We are unhappy We are jealous in the worst way We are insane and psychotic We are not in love.

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