When I Met You
When I Met You romance stories
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What I didn't know we would be... when I met you.

When I Met You

When I met you I looked up to see you approaching so I hid behind my hair

You struck up a conversation with my friends I quietly listened along And I can feel your eyes on me the entire time

When I met you you were charming and intriguing

You drew me in with your captivating humor and wondrous smile

When I met you I did not expect anything to come out of it

I hoped we would be friends and we did for a short while

When I met you you confused me

What used to be every day conversations turned to annual "happy birthday" posts on Facebook walls

When I met you I felt something

Something about you was so different as clichéd as it sounds you were different

When I met you I had no idea of what was to come

My first love the one who can make me smile by just a thought but also the one who can make me cry by just a thought

When I met you I was clueless

You showed me the way the light love pure happiness the time of my life We were perfect until we weren't

When I met you I did not know I had a hidden dark side

I was cruel harsh hurtful until you cried I wanted you to feel the pain I feel

When I met you I swore I would never cry over a boy

But I would hide under my covers cover my mouth to not wake my parents and sob

When I met you I thought I was not the jealous type you proved me wrong

Every time you talked about her the pang in my heart stabbed me a hundred times over and over and over

When I met you I felt unexplainable emotions

The rush of happiness when I see you a giggle escapes me when you wink from across the room The overwhelming love that fills my whole body the hundreds of kisses I leave all over your body

When I met you I was shy I did not talk to anyone

I wasn't looking to meet anyone but you found me all on your own

You opened me up changed me for the better Now I can talk to anyone which I would never have done before

Our story still continues today

but for how much longer?

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