WTF DO I NAME THIS THING PART THREE (please comment ideas.) (Warning, contains implications and some sexual violence as well as strong language and 'mature' subject matter.)
WTF DO I NAME THIS THING PART THREE (please comment ideas.) (Warning, contains implications and some sexual violence as well as strong language and 'mature' subject matter.) vampire stories

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"Oh don't worry boy. See, when he drinks all the blood out of you, you'll be able to close your pretty little eyes. And then you'll never have to open them again. " Ppl please comment suggestions, there's no point in me posting if I don't get better and no one id a better critic then complete strangers.

WTF DO I NAME THIS THING PART THREE (please comment ideas.) (Warning, contains implications and some sexual violence as well as strong language and 'mature' subject matter.)

"Oh don't worry boy. See, when he drinks all the blood out of you, you'll be able to close your pretty little eyes. And then you'll never have to open them again."

He said the last sentence in barely a whisper, his voice suddenly becoming soft, like a candle light being snuffed out.

But the flame was back as he said, "Alright, let's give the bastard what he surely wants. Restraints." Although I still couldn't see, I felt Ryan being pulled off of me.

A small, broken noise escaped my lips as his teeth racked across my throat. I was in so much cold, cold confused pain...

The sweet scent of blood filled the air, and it felt chill against my skin as it started bubbling out of my open flesh. I still couldn't move, I wanted to, I tried frantically too, but none of my limbs were responding. They were like hard slabs of stone, that I was just too numb to lift.

Something grabbed the front of my shirt, then yanked me forward, sending me crashing face first onto the floor. I was so numb and senseless that I barely even noticed it...

all I could feel was the hot pinpoints of pain on my neck, like the magnets Ryan had used to show me where we would be travelling. Except instead of paper paths, they were stuck onto lines of torn flesh.

The floor was like lying down on an ice cube, and I gasped as I heard an animal like growl and was flipped over onto my back. My spine hit the floor with a thud and I inhaled sharply, the air cutting into my lungs like the ragged edge of a few blades.

Next thing I knew, Ryan was on top of me again, his teeth easily finding their way back into my bleeding skin. His breathing was raspy...or was it mine? I couldn't tell anymore.

I sat there, confused and terrified as he gripped one of my shoulders tightly. Why had they moved me from the chair? What difference did it make? "Wha...why aren't- t they l-leaving?" I couldn't believe that THAT was my question as my eyelids started to close. Keeping them open was just too hard. "STAY AWAKE!" My boss yelled.

My god, I hate his annoying authoritarian tone, it pisses me off to no end...not that I had the energy to care at the time though. My eyes shot open in surprise, and I heard the other men in the room laugh.

They probably thought I was trying to escape and that was the most movement I could muster. They weren't wrong though. And that horrified me. "What...what's happening?" I asked softly as my fading heartbeat became slower, but louder.

Soon it was the only thing I could hear, along with the slow, shallow breaths my lungs were taking as they weakly inhaled. "Keep your eyes open Max. Work with me here! I need you to stay awake!" He commanded angrily. I felt the same, shivering cold fingers crawl across my skin, making me whimper.

Of course, that just made my boss press harder against me, trying desperately to muffle my movements. (This is supposed to be from pure protective instinct, not pervyness, Ryan is not a pervert and I think I accidentally made him look like that. He's really not a creep I swear, he has like paternal instincts for this kid)

"Try to stop shaking, alright? You're losing a lot more blood, a lot faster when you shake like that." He was trying to sound gentle, reassuring as he spoke... For a moment, I felt the fingers on his right hand brush against mine as he leaned forward.

That sent an indescribable, uncomfortable, and completely confusing mix of fear and affection through me. My body didn't know how to respond or register any of this.So I just lay there, frozen to the spot. ...that's when it hit me. I felt myself choke on the unspoken words as I asked, "Are they waiting for you to do what...

most vampires do to their victims?" That sent an ugly shock through me. There's no way. I tried to convince myself. People shouldn't be that sick. People just... couldn't be that sick. That just hurt too much. More than the pain in my throat, or the lump in my chest. "Kid..." Ryan said softly.

I felt his jaw suddenly slacken as the reality of the situation hit him too. "I...I think you're right." He said skeptically. Ryan paused for a moment, then softly said, "Max if that's what they're expecting then-" "NO!" I mentally screamed. "I don't care what you're planning or thinking! Whatever the fuck it is, NO!" Of course he wasn't suggesting anything too emotionally scarring, I knew Ryan wasn't a fucking monster.

But I didn't care. Whatever the hell he was thinking of, I wouldn't be able to stomach it. "Max-" He started, trying to reason with me. But with the physical and mental state I was in, no matter what he was planning, there's not exactly much I would have been able to do to protest.

That was when the fundamental element in our relationship popped in. Trust. I trusted him enough to know that whatever the fuck he was planning now...I knew it wouldn't hurt me. For a guy who kills on a weekly basis, he wouldn't harm a fly,

let alone the kid who eats dinner at three in the morning with him inside some crappy storage garage in the middle of absolutely nowhere. But...still. "-we need to do something here kid. We need them to leave, and we need them to leave now before you lose any more blood. So we have to give them what they want. "

" I felt myself sinking into the floor, my body giving a quite literal definition to the term 'dead weight'. "Just say it, what exactly are you suggesting Ryan?!" I demanded, shoving the darkest images that my drugged mind could come up with far into the back of my head.

"I'm suggesting, we put on a show for them." "I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS MAN!" I couldn't help but mentally shout, and my employer couldn't help but mentally laugh. "I'm saying if we make them think it's gonna happen, then they'll leave. Got it?" He asked, dryly. "No, no I fucking don't."

I could practically hear the miser-ability in my employer's voice as he said, "I- ...I'm going to lift up your shirt a bit okay?" My mouth sprung open, about to protest... but then I realized that there really wasn't any other way out of this...but, I trusted Ryan. I knew he wouldn't let his other side hurt me, and I knew he sure as hell wouldn't do it himself.

...but it didn't make me feel any less sick or powerless. "Okay?" He repeated, his calm voice reminding me that this was the only way out of this situation. "O- okay." I choked up as more tears filled my eyes and my vision blurred some more.

I felt Ryan's hand slowly push the fabric from the bottom of my shirt upwards, exposing my skin to the cold air that sucked the life out of the room like leeches.

I couldn't help but tense and flinch from instinct, and my shaking body that was pretty much a blood soaked corpse could barely manage that. "Relax kid."

He asked quietly, although I didn't have much choice. My god I hate it when he tries to reassure me like that. "I'm not going to hurt you, you know that."

...and then that's when I remembered. I tensed as I frantically shouted, "Ryan wait-" Too late, he saw.

"IS THAT A FUCKING HICKEY-" "NOT THE TIME!" I reminded him, noting that the others were still in the room. Of course, my employer was preoccupied with the fact I hadn't told him I was dating.

"BOY I SWEAR TO THE ALMIGHTY FUCK THAT BY THE TIME I'M DONE BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF YOU FOR NOT TELLING ME YOU'RE GOING TO BE SO COVERED IN BRUISES THAT-" I ignored how amused I was by his southern accent that creeps in when he's furious and shouted, "NOT THE TIME!"

He sighed, suddenly remembering I was kinda dying on the floor. "Right sorry...I can't believe you didn't tell me you have a girlfriend!" He complained, then went back to normal.

I winced as his hand rested on my side, and my muscles tensed.

He'd touched my rib cage and back a billion times before to help me clean and asses injuries, he was like a parent to me, but this was so, so messed up... "I'm going to push it up further, okay?" He asked

gently. It's not like I could have stopped him, sitting there in a confused cold lump that was shaking like an earthquake. "O- okay." I said, my voice barely a dying whisper anymore. Why was he making it seem like I had a choice?

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