My attempt at a 'cute' gay couple part two, I tried to shorten it. I kinda wanna post how they started dating so I guess comment if you give a c**** please.
My attempt at a 'cute' gay couple part two, I tried to shorten it. I kinda wanna post how they started dating so I guess comment if you give a c**** please. gay stories

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Whelp, Raven's gonna be a nincompoop and try to get with Trist. It'll be a time. I'm not a great romance writer, so suggestions and tips are always welcome peeps.

My attempt at a 'cute' gay couple part two, I tried to shorten it. I kinda wanna post how they started dating so I guess comment if you give a c**** please.


The next day, I walked into class and everything was dead silent. Considering the fact that we were all super loud obnoxious teenagers, this was never a good sign. Here goes nothing.

Stepping inside the small room beige room, the first thing I saw was was the twelve or so class members huddling around something in the center of the class. (I FOUND THIS WHEN I LOOKED UP HUDDLED AND IT'S TOO DAMN CUTE)

What the heck? Usually there was seven different conversations going on at the same time and the place was buzzing with loud voices. Stepping onto the tiled floor, I heard a singulare voice coming from the center of the ring of people. Henry glanced at me, then gestured for me to come closer.

I did as she asked and joined the group. In the center of the small circle, there was Raven. Ink black hair, emeralds for eyes, a charming grin and olive skin, he really was good looking.

...but why the hell were we all surrounding the guy like he was some strange animal? I mean he was unusually handsome, but it's not like he was some other species.

And then that's when I realised what everyone was so fixated on. My eyes widened for a moment, and I felt an arm wrap itself around my shoulders.

Kayd stood next to me in an eery silence, lightly kissed my temple, then averted his gaze onto his ex. I leaned against my boyfriend and listened to what the black haired teenager was saying.

"Anyways, they caught me with the photos and they made me switch schools. So, now I'm back." He flashed the spectators a grin, clearly enjoying the attention we were offering him. Next to me, I felt Kayd go rigid.

And then he saw me. First his eyes ran over my face, then they darted to the arm around my shoulders and Kayd's steely glare. "Oh, sorry and I don't remember you." He said appolegeticly.

I blinked, realising he was talking to me and said, how? We sat next to each other in almost all of our classes? We had to do the end of year project together? I've been in your house?" Which, by the way, was huge.

His paren't were loaded with cash, which wasn't a bad thing, but the fact that they paid their kids way out of everything was. Raven's face lit up like a lightbulb and he gave out a small laugh.

"Trist? What the hell man! Since when did you get hot?!" An awkward air quickly drifted into the room, and everyone looked equaly impressed and uncomfortable. Uh...

what? Next to me, Kayd awkwardly cleared his throat, glaring at Raven who simply ignored it and looked at me expectantly like he actually wanted an answer. "...

it's been three months, I look exactly the same." I nervously rubbed the back of my neck, trying not tostare at the floor. I hate that kind of attention.

I had lost quite a bit of weight since I last saw him, but I wasn't even chubby before. "No-" He stated, pulling out a notepad and plastic red pen. "You really don't'."

Sensing the awkward atmosphere, Theo happily changed the subject. "Anyways,

Mrs. Joan's gonna be comin' back next week!" She had been gone for a while due to an 'incident' involving another student's 'devil's lettuce'. But we were low on teachers and honestly, no one cared.

"Wonder if she still has the purple hair." Henry added in happily. Pretty quickly the class went back to normal, dispersing and having multiple conversations amongst ourselves.

Kayd pulled me to the side, leaning against the large glass window, and pointing at my bruised hand. He stared at me, completely unimpressed as I stayed silent and gave him my innocent 'what?' face."First things first, what the hell happened?" I laughed at his raised eyebrow and annoyed tone.

"Relax babe, Riley was just being an absolute fucking idiot and dropped a box on my hand." Don't get my wrong, out of all the people I work for, Riley was one of my favourites, but he was as dumb as a doorknob half the time.

Kayd seemed satisfied with this response, and pushing his hair out of his eyes, he continued. "You missed a great story.

Apparently he got kicked out of his old school because someone stole his phone, and added nudes onto the camera roll, then sent them to a bunch of people.

Then put his phone back like it was nothing." Yeah, that sounded like something Raven would do. I shook my head with a wry smile, this was the kind of idiocy that we heard about all the time.

"Yeah, just so you know, if I find out you're still doing that even though we're dating, I'm going to beat the crap outta you." Which was complete BS. Kayd was an athletic football player who went to the gym for fun. Sure I knew how to throw a punch thanks to Riley, but I would be squashed like an ant by my boyfriend.

Kayd sighed dramatically, shaking his blond hair out of his eyes and easily slipping his hands onto my waist. He stepped forward, getting me against the back wall and I rolled my eyes with a smile.

Leaning forward, getting his face embarrasingly closer to mine he said, "I can promise you I haven't done that in-" My boyfriend was interrupted by Raven who popped up next to us.

"Oh, so it wasn't you last week?" He said with a joking grin. It better not have been, because then this ant was gonna fucking murder him.

Kayd let go of me and stepped back, but casually grabbed my hand, intertwining his fingers with mine. "No." Kayd's voice was blunt as he squeezed my hand. "It was not. I haven't pulled crap like that since we were what, fourteen?" Yes, yes my boyfriend's an absolute idiot, but I love him anyways. Back off.

"So what's the deal between you two?" Raven asked, leaning against the back wall with his arms crossed and eyes darting between the two of us and our hands, which Kayd firmly squeezed.

"Were dating." I couldn't help but smile as I said that, I never can. He's just so, so damn cute. Raven seemed even more surprised then before. "Wait, you're gay?" I looked at him in confusion.

"I'm bi, you know this, you met my ex." Did this guy have his memory wiped or something? Raven grinned and snapped his fingers. "Oh yeah! He was the brunette right? That guy was an ass.

I mean...he's not wrong. After the way he treated me, that was an understatemnnt.

After we broke up I had told Kayd what he was like behind closed doors, and let's just say he was not to pleased and it took a lot of convinincing for him to not hunt him down, and kill me for not telling him before.

Kayd glanced at me, and I leaned against him, putting my hand around his waist and resting it on his hip.

I never understood how he always ended up falling asleep on me, when I was the one staying up until three in the morning and he was the most comfortable thing on this planet.

I can't count the number of time he's curled against me or quite literally just lay down on top of me, gave me a kiss, then fell asleep.

I never minded much, he was pretty much my adorable personal heater, and that meant I got full control of the remote.

Raven nodded slowly as if processing the information then asked, "How long have you two been together for? When me and Kayd were dating the only thing he ever called you was a friend." (I don't know if I should post how they started dating, it's really cute but idk if people are gonna care, so I guess comment if that's what you want to see.)

I nodded, resting my head against his shoulder. Cotton fuzz tickled from his shirt tickled my skin, but I didn't move. "Yeah, it wasn't exactly planned."

Kayd smiled, his cheeks becoming rosy, which in turn made me blush back.

I mean, who uses kissing someone as an equivalent to punching them? What kind of dude just casually says it's one or the other pretending they're both punishments?

Raven opened his mouth, about to further enquire about the nature of our relationship, but then the bell rang and Mr. Green, the substitute, walked in.

"Everyone-" He bellowed, slamming his black leather briefcase onto the oak desk in the front of the class. "-sit down, now." A chorus of annoyed murmurs ran through the class as everyone went back to their seats.

Kayd kissed me lightly on the forehead, and laughed at the death glare I gave him when my cheeks turned red. He sighed in fake annoyance, resting his hand on my face and tapping my cheek bone with his thumb.

His warm hand hovering over my skin just made me turn even more red as he calmly stated, "You, Tristian, are fucking adorable." Slipping his hand onto my hip then kissing my cheek happily, he turned around and went over to his seat as we all grabbed out materials and sat down.

Yeah, I'm okay with him being an idiot because he's adorable about it. (THE NEXT PARTS ARE ALREADY POSTED!)

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