Mad Man's Story
Mad Man's Story old people are great stories

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The mad man spoke of riddles And answered them quite rarely. Please comment suggestions people. Adios

Mad Man's Story

The mad man spoke of riddles

And answered them quite rarely

Many who have seen him compare him

To an imp or a fairy

Limbs as long and skinny

As the sticks that he burns

And a head so full of blasphemy

That witches are tempted not to curse

His little metal shoes

Clack, clack, clack

Loudly hit the ground

As he spins and spins across cobblestone and tin

And dances on roofs throughout the towns

Children hear him cackle in the night

If his shadow they dare seek

Many of whom shall find

An old little cloak

As old as dust

But when they wear it, the curse as it must,

Will bring them bones so large

So thin,

And it will twist and wrinkle their young skin

And a voice, so sweet, it shall rot

And an innocent head shall turn and stop

And then there he is

In insanity's glory

No one truly knows this mad man's story

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