Cute Gay Couple pt7 (After they were talking about going all the way at Kayd's house)
Cute Gay Couple pt7 (After they were talking about going all the way at Kayd's house) gay stories

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Raven's a jerk, Kayd is great, and now I really want strawberries and chocolate cake. Damn it!

Cute Gay Couple pt7 (After they were talking about going all the way at Kayd's house)

School the next day was...interesting, to say the least. My boyfriend almost killed someone, so that was fun. Let me explain...

I was talking with Theo in the corner of the classroom when Raven walked in.

All eyes were on his jet black hair and green eyes as he waltzed into the room, but the only thing he was looking at was me...well, parts of me. First his eyes darted to my hips, then my lips.

And it was weird. He walked towards us, grinning at me like a hunter looking at their prey. "Tristian! How was your day?" He plopped his elbow onto my shoulder, moving with me when I stepped back, refusing to loose contact.

"...I just got in class." I said awkwardly, looking at Theo for help. But he was useless. Raven shrugged, giving Theo a dismissive glance before turning his attention back to me.

"So, before we were so rudely interrupted by Kayd-" My boyfriend." I reminded him, looking around to see if he had arrived yet.

Sadly amongst the faces of my classmates, his adorable blond head was nowhere in sight. "Yes, that. So, you're coming over to my place tonight?" He grinned, and I nodded.

"I don't have much of a choice." I muttered, praying for the bell to ring and class to start. Raven laughed like a hyena, elbowing me in the ribs. "Oh don't be such a buzzkill.

What, you worried your boyfriend will get jealous?" Kayd being jealous was the least of my problems. However, Kayd putting Raven in a body bag was. Or me dying from embarrassment.

Theo interrupted quickly, "Oh, hey Kayden!" I smiled as he walked into the room, nodding at Henri then making a straight line to where we were standing. "Hey babe."

He flat out ignored his ex's existence, putting his arm over my shoulder and kissing me on the cheek.

"How'd you sleep?" His blue eyes darted at the elbow on my shoulder, which promptly was gone. Raven cut in, patting my back...which felt more like him feeling my spine.

"Were you two doing something that would be keeping him up?" He taunted. I felt the blood drain from my face as I looked down awkwardly and said, "No. Not that it would be any of your business."

Perfect timing, the day after me and Kayd had talked about how I wasn't ready to go all the way with him yet.

Raven's hand casualy went furthur down my back and I felt fucking paralyzed as his fingers curled around my beltloop.

"Why? You two too shy to share your stories?" He said jokingly. I glued my gaze to my shoes, trying to ignore his lingering hand, pressing his knuckles into my back. "No." Kayd said roughly, tightening the arm he had around me.

"It's just not any of your business." Theo looked infinitely embarrassed, and just awkwardly backed away from the situation. WIMP! (Jk jk chill peeps)

I tensed when Raven's hand let go, flattening itself on the base of my spine, moving his thumb slowly back and forth across the black fabric of my shirt as he stepped closer to me.

I clenched my jaw, looking at my boyfriend frantically for help. When I get nervous, I can't talk. It's like someone glued my lips shut with my own awkwardness, which depending on the situation, Kayd loves because he has a perfect chance to kiss me and laugh when I turn red.

My boyfriend's eyes lit up like a match as he saw the hand on my back and pulled me away. "Well that means there's business in the first place." Raven grinned matter of factly.

I felt my self-esteem drop as Raven laughed, "Ha you were so damn eager the first time we did it. Remember how you-" And the next thing I knew I was being pulled out of the class by my boyfriend and into the empty hallway.

My boyfriend knows me all too well. Kayd's reaction was simply to grab me by the waist and kiss me on the forehead as quickly and gently as possible. "You okay?" The concern on his adorable fucking face did make me feel a bit better.

I put my chin on his shoulder, and he wrapped his arms around me as I whispered, "Anxious." Kayd nodded, kissing my templed...

then just leaving his mouth there because the asshole knew it would make me blush. God I love him. Seeing my cheeks turn pink, he smiled and spoke softly. "You're okay."

His lips brushed against my face as he spoke, while his arms tightened around me and pulled me against him. "Okay... Why are you trying to make me blush?!" I complained loudly.

Kayd gave out a small laugh before explaining, "I'm getting some colour into you. We have our rules Trist, and you being the bad kind of embarrassed is not allowed.

Your face is only allowed to become red, not white. Got it?" He challenged, slipping his hand through my hair then resting it on my cheek as I pulled back.

His thumb beat quietly against my cheek bone as his arm fell loosely around my waist. "Says who?" I smiled sheepishly, making him laugh. Little did I know how much I would regret those words. "Me.

Last time I had to remind you of that, don't you remember your punishment?" He grinned wickedly. NOOO I HATE HIS PUNISHMENTS! I looked around frantically, trying to find an escape.

"Oh come on seriously-" He cut me off, lightly shoving me against the wall then closing up the space between us, knowing that this kind of kiss strayed from the usual quick affectionate brushes.

"You know how red I get!" I argued as his hands fell onto my hips and he got closer. "Well that's why it's a punishment." He reminded me, looking me over happily. My god I love him.

"Shame, I'm afraid I have no choice but to-" "Kayd-" He cut me off with a happy eye roll before pressing his lips against my neck. I turned into a strawberry... which Kayd ended up calling me sometimes. "Oh- oh come on!" I stuttered, completely frozen to the spot and unable to move. Kayd's mouth moved up my neck and onto my jaw.

I knew he was smiling at how red I was turning. He paused for a moment as he grabbed my hand, checking that they were cold.

If they were warm he would have backed off immediately and apologized, but of course they weren't and he continued pressing his lips against my skin.

I winced at the blood rushing to my face, and Kayd finished up by happily kissing my cheek and grinning at me. "There's my little tomato!" I looked at the floor, feeling myself blush.

"Oh shut up." I mumbled, grabbing his wrists and slipping my fingers around his. Kayd burst out laughing before grabbing my chin and kissing the bridge of my nose. "Hey, you are mine." "That's not the part I was arguing about, dummy."

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