Cute Gay Couple PT 5 (Sweatshirts and Shit-Disturbers)
Cute Gay Couple PT 5 (Sweatshirts and Shit-Disturbers)  gay stories

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Sweatshirts, assholes, and an adorable gay couple. What more do you need in life? (SORRRY I TRIED!)

Cute Gay Couple PT 5 (Sweatshirts and Shit-Disturbers)

Hi. *wave* This is short and I spat it out of my head out of nowhere. If you guys have requests you can send them to me, however I will not reply but you will receive credit if I use your idea, I'm just not really talking to ppl rn. Enjoy my attempt at gayness.

"It's mine!" Kayd argued loudly to no avail. "No it's not! It's my sweatshirt!" I needed it! I mean sure he looked adorable in it and every time I saw him wearing it I smiled...

and when I would go to his house for a movie and we'd curl up on the mattress, the soft fabric against my cheek... (I just notied the drone in this photo lmao.)

and the gray bringing out his gorgeous blue eyes and golden hair- BESIDES THE POINT! I needed it! Me and my boyfriend were driving to the store.

At the moment the sun was beating down on us like we killed a puppy, and we were both overheating in the tiny excuse for a car.

He was driving while I sat in the passenger seat, arguing about my sweatshirt which he refused to give back to me.

"It was your sweatshirt, but do you not remember me pinning you to the wall and kissing you, then telling you it's mine?" He chirped. I rolled my eyes, but smiled at the memory.

It wasn't as aggressive as he makes it sound, I swear. He'd never do something that I didn't want too. "Kayd, babe, I love you, but I need my clothes." As we pulled up at the gas station to refill, Kayd sighed.

"Trist, babe, I love you too, but they're not your clothes anymore- ...did we just say we love each other?" He gave me a toothy grin and I blushed, my chest erupting into tingling feelings.

We had said it for the first time that weekend, and now we couldn't seem to stop. (Tell me if ya'll wanna read that. It'll be short but sweet.)

Kayd smiled, his eyes gleaming as he leaned towards me, wrapping his arm around my back and pulling me in for a kiss.

I couldn't help but smile as his lips pressed themselves against mine and he rested his hand on the back of my neck, leaning forward still.

I wrapped my arms around him, resting my hand on his neck and the other on his hip, pulling him closer. After a...nice time, I pushed him away from me with a laugh.

"Quit distracting me, you're still paying! It's you turn!" Kayd sighed like a kid being punished, then stepped out of the car, walking around and opening the door for me. "Oh look at that. " I gasped. "A gentleman!" "Does this mean I can keep the sweatshirt?"

I hoped out of the car and happily kissed him on the cheek before walking away into the store."Not a chance!"

Besides, it was much more fun seeing him take it off then put it on. (I'm sorry I'm immature I know but DEAL with it.)

My boyfriend caught up to me, putting his arm around me like he always did, despite it being a billion degrees.

Even though it was hot as hell, Kayd's skin always stayed the same glowing pale shade, while I on the other hand tanned easily. "But why?!" He complained. "Because I need it?" I reminded him.

"My house is freezing because my mom turns up the air conditioning way to high. I need to not be cold when I study." He shrugged sheepishly. "You can always study at my place."

"No I can't! I'd get distracted by your- everything!" I complained. He laughed, kissing my temple and nodding at the store owner.

Kayd stopped by here all the time for comic books so the two knew eachother. Both of us sighed contently in the cool air conditioning, and walked over to the book section.

It was Theo's birthday and there was a particular book he wanted, but it was super expensive and Kayd and I would have to pay together.

"Not my fault I'm hot!" He argued, which made me burst out laughing and him smile, pushing his hand through my hair. *Note from Trist: If this fires hot, then Kayd's the sun.*

I really do love him, especialy with that stupid smile on his stupid face and the stupid way he makes me feel...stupid amazing Kayd. "Well not mine either. Now if you excuse me-"

I nodded to the men's room. "-I'll be right back." He sighed, taking his arm off from around me and picking up a random book.

"Whatever shall I do without you?" "I don't know, but be less hot while I'm gone. I don't wanna come back to see you being kidnapped by some rando." And with that, I took a leak.

The washroom was...washroomy. (I pass english I swear) I don't know what to say.

I was busy thinking of ways to get my sweatshirt back by the time I walked out and saw what the hell had happened. I can't leave him alone for five minutes.

Just as I stepped out the door, some middle aged loser walked by Kayd, knocking him over in the process of stomping down the aisle.

Next thing I knew my boyfriend was sprawled out on the floor, and the old man was glaring down at him. "Watch where the fuck you're standing!" He shouted.

Kayd blinked, and being the confrontational hot guy he was, his response was, "Say that to my fucking face once I stand up." Yes, yes he's an idiot. But he's my idiot...

and I still need my sweater back.

Kayd stood up, glaring at the guy who was a good head taller then him, and maybe the size of FLIPPING SUMO WRESTLER!

I do know one sumo wrestler though, very nice man he's married to a boxer and they'er the second most adorable gay couple after your's truly and the sweater thief.

"What's you just say?!" The guy shouted, shoving Kayd back against a stack of books. I was not okay with that. Get your fucking hands off my boyfriend before you lose them. ...okay ye I'm protective, shut up.

I walked towards them, and then Kayd shoved the guy back. "You need to watch where you're going-" "And you need to watch your mouth before I break it!" He shouted, shoving him again.

"You Gen-Z's don't know anything! You want me to teach you a lesson the same way they did back in the-" (OKAY BOOMER) "HEY!" The very angry voice of a certain short brunette I know called out.

The guy turned to me, "What?!" ...what? What?! I burst out laughing, putting a hand on Kayd's shoulder to steady myself, then gripping it tightly. "What? 'What' is you walking away and leaving him the fuck alone.

" I knew I was escalating the situation but did I care? No.

"The hell did you just-" Hi's angry roaring was cut off by me stepping closer and shouting, "You heard me damn fine! Just because you chose to be an asshole doesn't mean the rest of us should be punished by it! You want to be a dick fine but do it away from me and my boyfriend you got that man-bun?"

He blinked, taken aback for a second. The whole store was looking at us at this point, and I felt my anxiety start to kick in.

Lucky for me the guy shut the hell up and ran out of the store, almost everyone turning back. I looked at my boyfriend, quickly making sure he was okay, and realised he was doing the same to me.

"You good babe?" Kayd stared at me, completely stunned for a second. "...get out."

I frowned in confusion, "What?" He shook his blond head, paid for the book, and pulled me out of the store, dragging me to the back.

"Kayd what are y-" He cut me off with a look until we got to the orange brick wall. ...then he looked me over like he was seizing up an opponent, and got me against the wall.

"Babe-" I started with a confused grin. And then he cut me off with a kiss. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him, taking a breath and inhaling the scent of his daisy laundry detergent.

"You still didn't answer my question." "I'm fine." He put his hand on the back of my head while wraping his other arm around me, and I kissed his neck lightly. "I love you." "I love you too."

...but I still needed my sweatshirt.

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