Cute Gay Couple One Shot
Cute Gay Couple One Shot  lgbt stories

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Cute Gay Couple One Shot

*Poke* "Kayd, stop." He didn't listen. Smiling softly, he lifted his finger and wagged it in front of my face. "Not until you tell me what I did wrong." Is he a four year old sometimes? Yes.

Except when he was four and I was mad, he would pin me down with a hug. Healthy, right? "I already-" My scowl was cut off by his thumb pressing against my mouth. "Nuh-uh.

I know you, and you wouldn't be mad at me for that." The blond idiot was sitting next to me, on a porch.

Autumn had come like a slap, and the cold air was nipping at my skin through my thin sweater. Shoving his hand off of my face, "Do you not get it?!"

I didn't mean to snap, especially when I saw him cringe. God did I want to kiss that wince off his stupid face. "Okay, babe, I'm sorry. I'll quit joking around, but just tell me what I did."

I guess he saw my blank expression, because he sighed and leaned against the wood paneling. "Tristian, I can't apologize if I don't know what I did wrong." "It's fine!" I glued my eyes to the treetops in the distance, ignoring my boyfriend.

He scoffed, pushing golden hair out of his eyes. "Oh really?" "Really." Kayden lifted one hand in the air, and stared at me accusingly. He scuttled closer, putting one hand over me and onto the floor, planting it next to my hip.

His sky blue eyes peered into mine, cooly examining my face. Leaning over me, he tried to dive for a quick kiss. I took a moment to close my eyes, take a deep breath, and steal the heat from his body. God, he always had the smell of daisies and summer lingering on him.

Then I put my hands on his chest and pushed him off. "EXACTLY! There's a problem." He said matter of factly, getting off.

PEOPLE THIS IS PROGRESS BEFORE WE STARTED DATING KAYD HAD DIFFERENT METHODS. One time I was pissed at him, and I had managed to avoid him for the whole day. But uh... he was a football player (American) and was gonna use the 'tackling' part against me.

"Kayden. Please. Stop." He stared at me then burst out laughing, making my lips twitch upwards.

"No no no no no. I walk up to my hot boyfriend who is sitting on a porch, looking all adorable and cuddly in the cold. I'm gonna kiss my hot boyfriend, take advantage of his cuteness and rosie cheeks, and cuddle with him for heat."

He smiled and poked my cheek again. "Instead, my hot boyfriend backed away when I kissed him, so now I need to know what I did wrong."

"Instead, my hot boyfriend backed away when I kissed him, so now I need to know what I did wrong." Kayd grabbed one of my hands, still on his chest, and kissed my knuckles. "You just want me for my body to cuddle!" I shouted in mock offence.

Equally offended, he said, "No! I want it for making out too!" (LEAVE MY PURE CHRISTIAN MIND ALONE! BEGONE YOU FOUL CREATURES OF STAN! ...I meant Satan but Stan sounds better)

We shared a look before laughing, and he placed his arm around my shoulders. "Come on baby. Talk to me." "You didn't do anything Kayd."

I closed my eyes, putting my head against his shoulder. I could feel the heat from him compared the chilly air, so I snuggled further into his arms.

I felt Kayd's lips gently tracing my jawline, and down my neck. His hands cradled my waist while he pulled me closer. I felt him take in a deep breath, slowly inhaling. His chest move silently, and I curled closer.

Then he buried his forehead into my shoulder. "Then what's wrong?" "I..." Giving up on words, I lifted my face and stared a Kayd. soon as I rubbed the makeup off my cheek to reveal a huge bruise, Kayd freaked.

"WHO-" He lightly kissed the bruise, "THE FUCK DID THIS?!" I hesitated, before being tackled in a hug. He wrapped around me like a tortilla.

"It was my fault!" I argued. "Raven said some things about...uh... parts of you that were way out of line!"

A giant 'HUMPH' sound came from him and he pushed me to the floor, so we were lying on each other while he pouted.

"Then he started talking about him touching and I just...I punched him. And he punched me back." Kayd sighed, clearly irritated. Then he broke out grinning. "...can I kiss you now?" He didn't wait for an answer.

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