What memories Ice cream brings....
What memories Ice cream brings.... ice-cream stories

badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago

Look what I did to the sweet, innocent prompt!!

Poor commaful thought they can control me. tch tch.

What memories Ice cream brings....

Cold cold cream touches my lips As I lick the cone in my hand, And I go to some memories nice Dreaming still at where I stand

Cold was the blade Of the dagger that I had; Close to the rotten one's chest That hurt them bad

Cold was the blood That came through the gash Making me rethink My decision rash

But when I saw in front of me The trickling treat, Down from the chest Flowing to their feet,

I finished off the work And made their head roll Fetched from the cupboard A marble bowl-

Collected me a treat Bit warm though it was Sticky too a bit But had a different buzz

Put it into the fridge I did And went on a brief hold; Because darling revenge is a dish, Best served cold.

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