What happens when she sleeps (l)
What happens when she sleeps 

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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Abigail is woken up from her slumber by HER dumb ass.

What happens when she sleeps (l)

Her cell phone rang. She woke up in an instant, shocked and angry. She swiped at the phone screen to pick up the call without even seeing the name and uttered a weak, annoyed hello. 'Baby'. 'Jasper? What happened? Is everything fine?', she asked worriedly.

'I was missing you!'. He spoke in a tone which could be called a puppy dog eyes equivalent of sound. 'What time is it? Damn it Jasper', she said angrily. 'Ah, its about 2:40-ish. I am so sorry babe. I was missing you so so much! Please talk to me for a while. Please?', he pleaded.

A silly smiled took place of the frown on her face. 'God Jasper! Fine. So how was your err night! After we talked in the evening?', she chuckled softly. 'Oh it was fine. The dinner was boring as usual. All that shares and stocks talk really gave me a headache. Came back and watched a movie!'. 'Hahaaa! Aww baby. So what did you watch?'.

'Despicable me. Again. For the 400th time', he laughed. 'So the kids sleeping sound eh?', he asked her about the dogs. 'Yep! Loving the new bean bag. None of them jumped on me tonight so we can call it a win!', she said as she glanced over them shining the phone light. They were fast asleep beside her bed.

'That is great! Ugh I can't wait to come back!'. 'It's just two more days Jasper! you'll live!'. She let out a big laughter but immediately covered her mouth with a hand so the dogs won't wake up. 'What if I don't?!' 'Shut up Jas.' He laughed.

'Okay now let me sleep you doofus. Or I won't get up for work on time. I miss you too!' she said. 'Okay okay! Go to sleep sweetheart. Don't cut off the call. Let me feel you beside me, near me- please!', he said sadly. 'Oh Jas, okay . But sleep soon alright? don't tire yourself'. 'Alright!', he smiled and said. 'Good night baby!'. 'Good night!'.

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