What happens when she sleeps (lll)
What happens when she sleeps
                                (lll) sleep stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Abigail still sleeps.

P.S. the description of the noise is inspired from a real audio clip of a nightmare. I forgot which video it was. If somebody knows the one I am referring to kindly tell me.

What happens when she sleeps (lll)

If people talked in a Tuvan overtone, that was what the noises sounded like. High pitched but guttural at once, like a thousand wooden needles penetrating your eardrums and drawing your brain out from your nose. Jasper felt sick as he focused on the sounds, horrified as he could make out some random words.

Abigail's name was one of them. He started panicking. Sitting in his bed in the dark room covered in sweat; body quivering as if getting an electric shock while his heart drummed in every vein of his body, he tried calling out her name once more with his dry throat.

He couldn't understand what was happening still. The noises were something he could not even imagine to have heard in his wildest nightmares. Was he dreaming? He pondered again for the situation was certainly out of a nightmare. The words were randomly understandable, scattered in the background. How could Abigail be still asleep, he thought.

Something crossed his mind and he relaxed at once and stared straight ahead in the dark. She was playing a prank. 'Damn it Abigail! Fine, I woke you up in the dead of the night. I am sorry. Now stop this madness!', he said out loud into the mic. There was no answer. From Abigail at least.

The words were clearer now. A whole sentence to be exact. Or so he thought. 'She won't wake up'. A cold current crawled up his spine and he gasped in surprise as the almost demonic voices uttered in unison. He still thought it was a prank from his beloved who had pulled many in the past. But the strangeness of the voices gave him goosebumps.

He drew a deep breath. 'Abby! I am disconnecting the call. Okay?! This is so not fair. You seriously scared me. I am gonna try to sleep hoping your dumb prank doesn't give me nightmares. At least I don't give you nightmares!'. He waited for a laugh, or the sounds to stop or may be Abigail shouting 'you are a chicken' while laughing at him but nothing.

He paused for a moment and listened to the voices attentively. They were quite muffled again and not understandable. He finally ended the call but the voices were still echoing in his ears. She won't wake up. He had clearly heard that. He went to the contacts list and made another call.

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