What happens when she sleeps (ll)
What happens when she sleeps
                               (ll) sleep stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Abigail sleeps while Jasper has to wake up.

What happens when she sleeps (ll)

3:14 A.M Jasper woke up from a noise just a while after he fell asleep listening to Abigail's rhythmic breathing. Half asleep, he tried opening his eyes and guess where the noise was coming from. He reached for his cell phone to see the time when suddenly the noise stopped. He held the phone far from his face trying to open his eyes for the

brightness of the phone screen was full. 'Damn it', he mumbled. 'Why do I forget to lower the brightness always'. He has been asleep for just 15 minutes. He lowered the brightness and looked at the screen. The call was still going. He couldn't understand where the weird noise was coming from. He put the headphones back on.

He sat up with a jerk, as for his surprise the noise was coming from the phone. He listened carefully to understand what was happening but couldn't make out what it was. It felt like a lot of people yelling in a busy place. Not just a busy place, but more like an extremely bizarre, cartoon-ish busy place with distorted noises like horns and steam engines mixed up

with steel utensils clanging together. He was not able to comprehend any of it as he was still not in his senses. He thought he was dreaming perhaps, but wasn't. In about a minute he realized that the noises were just too weird and were coming from Abigail's room and that she did not have a TV set in there.

'Abigail???', he called her name thinking may be it was some sort of error in the audio. The clamor was so eerie that he couldn't possibly think of any explanation for it. No response. 'ABIGAIL!'. He shouted this time but still no response. He was worried now. Jasper yelled her name several times in the phone but nothing happened.

Except the clamor getting intense and clearer.

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