What happen when she sleeps (lV)
What happen when she sleeps
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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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She won't wake up.

What happen when she sleeps (lV)

She picked up the phone when it rang the second time. 'Hello?', she said without looking who's call it was. 'Ah Hi, Matty its me Jasper. I am so sorry for waking you up at this hour'. 'Jasper?! Everything okay?', she asked. 'Yeah, yeah. Umm can you check on Abby please?'.

'Okayy I will. But is everything okay?', she asked drowsily. She wore her slippers and walked slowly towards her sister's room. 'Did you two fight?', she asked. 'No, we didn't. I just had a gut feeling and she wasn't picking up the call so..', he lied. 'I am so sorry seriously Matty!'. 'Ekh, its fine', she said.

He heard her opening the door. He anticipated to hear the same noises as the door opened but there was no such thing in the background. Odd, he thought. Just a minute ago there was such a ruckus in her room! Matilda reached for the night light but stumbled upon something.

'Oops! Danny! Baby what are you doinnggg?', she whispered. 'What happened?', he asked impatiently. 'Nothing. Its just the kids. They are playing. Oh God--', she laughed a little, '-- She is going to be so mad when she wakes up. Haha. Jas she is fast asleep. Don't worry!'. 'They are all playing! And they have torn apart the bean bag!'.

'What?!', he asked. Then what were the noises? What was all of it? 'Hey are you still in the room?' 'Yeah, just going out. She'll sort out the destruction herself in the morning!'. 'Wait, can you please check if she has her phone near her?' 'Yeah, aahh, wait. Yes, she has it underrr... her arm and head-phones in her ears. May be she fell asleep listening to music'.

She was on the call it means. And she wasn't awake either. Or else she would have seen what the dogs were up to. She couldn't have let them ruin the brand new thing on the first night. But what was it? 'Hey! Is it fine now or does your majesty needs another favour huh?!', she said sarcastically. 'No, thank you so much. I am really sorry I woke you up like this. Seriously!', he told her in

a fake polite tone. He was too bewildered to talk politely at that time. Or just talk for that matter. 'Nah, it's fine. You can pay me in the form of cash, pizza or ice cream. Your call!', she teased him. 'Ah, yeah yeah. I'll get you something when I get back you greedy bitch.' 'HAHA go to hell Jasper.'

'Yeah you too'. He quickly ended the call.What the actual hell was all of it? What even was happening in the call? What were the voices, the noises? How can she stay asleep with all that disturbance? And why did no one else in the house wake up from the noise? Why wasn't there any indication of something like that when Matty went in? Why were the

dogs awake? And if they were awake and destroying the whole room literally, why weren't they audible in the background? The loud noises in the phone and the dogs; but still she was asleep. She never sleeps like that. She wakes up with even a little disturbance! His mind was racing in all directions but wasn't able to find any logic.

But then he recalled. 'She won't wake up'.

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