What Dreams May Come
What Dreams May Come  dreams stories

badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
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Dream catcher story continues.
Is it interesting anyway? Should I continue???

What Dreams May Come

" Hey. I am worried now okay? This is ridiculous. I have had enough of this behaviour Leila. Reply to this mail within three days or I am calling the police. And I saw you Online just 5 minutes ago so don't you FUCKING DARE make an excuse. Bye." **********

Thunderbolts broke the silence in the apartment. Gushes of cool wind brought some rain inside from the wide open window in the lounge. A little puddle had formed in front of the window now.

The lounge was now dark as the laptop screen had died. Heavy rain had started to sound like white noise. She slept like dead on the floor beside the centre table. The thunder wasn't waking her up since the last two hours; the chances of her waking up from the puddle reaching her were scantier.

The lightening lit up the city beneath the 27th story apartment. The dark night turned shades of crimson and indigo with the bolts. Just like the dreams she longed for.

People made coffee and snuck in their beds, calming their frightened children. They didn't appreciate the beauty outside. She slept through the beauty; not afraid though. But to look for the same beauty in her dreams. The pills worked well to catch a deep slumber, but who knew if they'd catch the dreams too.

The apartment hadn't seen light in over a week. She kept the curtains drawn at day. But the windows stayed open at night, waiting to welcome the homeling from never-land. Whenever she may arrive. Or if she may ever.

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