Useless Pheonix
Useless Pheonix feather stories

badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
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idk wtf it is but yeah i dont have a job and have no chance of getting one in the near future anyway so like hahah fml

Useless Pheonix

Snipped away all the colours, And all the dreams-

Dreams which held you and me, Dreams in which we were meant to be free

Free of debts that the air has burdened us with, Free of our feet which embed us to the ground-

Black holes suck our life out and make spaghetti from our souls;

We swing from the noose of our spirits and we dangle above our remains,

We dangle above the piles of our feathers They tickle our feet and we laugh and laugh-

And laughs we laugh that thunder in our chests and knot our stomachs,

We hang from our umbilical cords

We perish from life.

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