Nightmare apology stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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if only such dreams could become reality.


Hi! So I have been thinking about all the things that happened between us and-

I have realized that we both were wrong in some ways, and right in others. We were only seeing things from our specific standpoints; overshadowed by comparisons, wants declared as needs- I have realized that I was more wrong, as you apologized but I did not.

I had always thought apologizing didn't suit me- being sorry was not my thing. But now I know that it is not like that. If I keep on denying my own mistakes I can never make them correct; I cannot have the right to demand others to correct themselves.

So here it is, I am sorry-truly; genuinely. For I have done bad things, and I have hurt you just like you have hurt me. And I wish you could forgive me, just like like I have forgiven you.

Unbelievable it was for me, numbing to finally see this happen. My closed eyes lose the balance in the dark, and I fall down, on the hard floor opening my eyes. Ah, What a horrible dream.

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