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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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@poemsaboutlife 's rant has salted the old wounds and thus, here we are. I am very good at talking about how bad other people are so if you want me to yell baseless gibberish about other negative kinds of people tell me.


Hello. Rant again. Duh. I am not getting any ideas for writing something creative, feels as if I forgot words. Yeah, it is called a writer's block. I know. But I am still writing a bit, but not quite so. Never mind. Read if you want, leave if you get bored. I am used to talking to the abyss. Cheers. (this rant does not imply that I am a saint, obviously. I'm an angel you fools).

Do you control your life and some other people's too? Is anyone dependent on you in any form be it financial, social, professional, emotional, physical or psychological? Do you take most of the decisions of your life yourself? Are any people dependent on you for their life decisions (no matter how minor the decision)? Do you take your and their

decisions according to yourself (your rules/priorities/thinking etc.)? Are you sick of people around you? Do you think they are of no comfort to you? Do you feel that most of the people around you need to make big changes in their lives? Do you feel that most of the people around you are not very smart? Do you feel that People around you do not reciprocate your

efforts for them? Do you think people around you are toxic for you most of the times? Do you think that life and people have never been fair to you? Do you feel that people around you have not given you the respect, importance and love that you deserve? Do you feel that people around you are jealous of you or are intimidated by you? Do you think your self respect is more important

than many people around you? Do you feel that people have failed you? Do you think that people respect you and are scared of you anger or neglect towards them? Do you feel many people around you owe many apologies for their behaviours?

If yes, then honey there is some bad news. You are the toxic people. Many people would oppose my opinion; the hell with them. Kidding, it is fine to oppose just do not start a war. Oh yeah, and if you also feel that every other thing people generally say is actually a dig at you; then yes you have issues.

I have had my fair share of toxic people so I can say these things. There is a difference between being bad in someone's story and manipulating your way around to pose as good and a victim. Toxic people will do that. What initially makes you toxic t any level is your ego, higher the ego, more toxic you become for yourself and others around you. I have seen people who do not acknowledge

that they are egoistic and thus dig their own graves and bury others too in there. What perplexes me is the ones who acknowledge their egoistic nature, know that they use their ego, know that it hurts them and others but still choose to play the same game without any shame. They are always unhappy with people, have high expectations from people who are nice to them,

Think that the world reloves around them and that the world needs to respect them more. Why though? Because......they are they? Yeah. These people get around being toxic because of most of the times they the power of exploitation. They can exploit others and they don't think of it as exploitation but their basic right. And they so not like when

their toxicity is reciprocated even a little. They literally lose their shit. Now I do not have a real conclusion here and this is getting too long, the thing is that if you feel that every misery of yours and every tear that you shed is the doing of others then you might want to reconsider. To solve the problem you first have to accept that there is a problem.

Apologizing on your mistake never makes you small. It only makes you small in front of egoistic, narcissistic, superiority complexed, delusional people. So if you think it makes someone small, or apology is your humiliation because you cannot be wrong, then you fall into the category. Please, reconsider because it is good for you and the decrease in your problems.

A thing I have noticed is, such people generally have a higher aptitude of hating things-- 'I hate that movie because that hairstyle in the ending sequence was unrealistic', 'I hate xyz animal/ that is yuck, it is not cute', 'I hate that person' (said about almost every other person), 'I hate that person because they are friends with someone I hate' and things like this. Please reconsider.

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