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badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
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hey. iguess i am back at my shit. ✌
ain't nothin better than a silly rhyme amiright guyssssssss


I have some thoughts, curious They are stored in a library of chaos When I try to sleep at night, or morn Won't let mine peepers close

I have thoughts, wild and wild; I don't let them run amuck, But sometimes they gallop away When they find some luck

The old man of the painting in my room Did tell me a trick or two- To catch the wilder ones Put some ginger in a shoe

Eat some straw after you sleep And drink soap bubbles before you wake, Three lizard tails In your dreams you must take,

But I do this, and do that I drink the tails and eat the bubbles And drink the fresh straw, To keep away the troubles

Yet still I find some thoughts wild Running around in the town And I end up being berated And leave like a clown

Though I am not wild or bad But my thoughts run with scissors and blades, The town and I end up as usual In velvet crimson cascades.

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