This is end?
This is end? end stories

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Misunderstandings part V

This is end?

So that was it? Jared was amazed at the easy task. Just find the girl. I can do that, he thought. And the daughter is human so obviously I can. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy. Only the lemons he had to squeeze were the tiny dry ones and he didn't yet know that. ***********

"Hello, This Jared Stein. I am a friend of your mom's. Please open the door its urgent. Please I will leave, just liste...", a violently opened door of the fancy apartment interrupted his pleading. 'A friend? Of Mother? My mother?", a tall and slender Brown woman leaned in closer

from inside the door to take a good look at the man. Jared's bewildered look eased the young woman a bit. He managed a dry smile which faded quickly given the woman's strong questioning demeanor.

"What is it? You don't look like a friend of her's." "Oh yes. Um haha. No. I... can I come in?". Panic was written all over the middle-aged man who didn't know how to lie. "We can talk outside, here", she came out of the apartment. "So who are you again?" "I am Jared, Stein. And I know your mother a bit and uh... well she is just worried you know.

Like, you haven't been talking to her and all soooo". All the 56 speeches he had prepared during his journey to Sareena's daughter had just vanished from his brain. Sara opened her mouth to say something and then stopped.

"How do you know my mother exactly?", Sara asked. "Uh, she knows my daughter. Yeah so, just you know parent-friends system going on like you know so she asked me if I could do the favour 'cuz she couldn't reach you since a while so uh--", he was again interrupted mid paragraph by Sara. She grabbed his right arm

and dragged him near the corner of the floor. "You listen to me mister. If you are one of her FRIENDS then you are most welcome to fuck off. I don't want anything to do with her and she knows that. Now get away and I don't want to see you here again or else I will call the cops, you get it?"

Like mother like daughter--terrifying, he thought. "Please, Sara right? Please dear just listen to me once I am in trouble please its about my daughter please!", he managed to yell while running after the woman. She stopped and turned at the mention of his daughter.

"Let me guess. She has your kid and you don't want that and she is blackmaling you now? Classic". "N-no. Uh...", Jared lost all his energy at once. He just spoke the 'my kid is a demon and is not responding to me so your mom said she will get her to call me if I can get you to call her' in his brain but it sounded bizarre

than anything ever. "Here is the thing kid. My daughter is a you know, a thing and well she hasn't been talking to me and you are doing the same to your mother so its just parents trying to help each other that is all. Now just please, can you just leave a text for her maybe so she will just get my girl to connect with me?".

Sara looked at Jared for a second and let out a pitiful laugh. He stood there confused at what might have been so funny. "Help? You think she is 'helping you' just as you are? Its a deal Mister Stein. You have made a deal. And given its with her, there will always be more to the deal than what has been

settled. Always. You think I will leave her a goodmorning-text and all will be good? Your daughter as you have tried very badly to say, is a demon. Have you tried summoning her?" Only if she knew it was the summoning which had landed him the ordeal. Well she was about to know anayways.

"Yeah. Actually, I was uh, trying to summon my daughter, Serena when I mistakenly summoned your mother and...", Jared bared his teeth with guilt. He now felt extremely dumb. Especially because Sara was laughing her ass off. "Oh come on! As if I am a witch or something. I made a mistake fine. Now I just need a little of

your help that is all. You can stop laughing", he protested. "Oh dear, you didn't make 'a' mistake, you made two", she winked at him. "Excuse me?!" "The second mistake was striking the deal. You are in deep shit Mr Stein. Quite deep I must say".

Jared stared hopelessly at Sara. What have you gotten me into Serena, he said to himself. A demon daughter, a demon queen and now a sort of princess were all having their time with good old Jared who had no clue what to do.

"She can't do shit for you Mr Stein. Pardon me, I do not like sugar-coating things so I am going to give this to you straight. This is not how her world really works. She can only tell your daughter to, I don't know , talk to you if your daughter is hers to claim. You getting me? Only if your daughter serves her, of which I

am sure is not the case. She has just used your lack of information. The quantity of warding I have around me makes it impossible for any kind of demon to reache me for now at least. She just got lucky with you. I can not be in contact with her you see. Because I will have to remove all this hardly-put warding and it might not mean well for me. I can't do

what you are asking me. I just can't, I am really sorry." "But what about the deal? She will take my soul if I break it". Obviously.

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