The Witch
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badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
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long ass Halloween poem. Either I can't write or I write too much.

The Witch

Come dear child 'tis the season of the witch So eyes yours are having that twitch Come take that apple and bite it a bit Let that taste for a moment sweet, sit

Open your ears to this tale to be told, In this October night cold Tale it is as old as the time Worth more than a thousand dime

The day their abodes the spirits shall leave On the great All Hallows Eve Cover thy apple with some honey sweet Leave it for the spirit's treat

Burn some sage and cones of pine Cover our faces from their gaze fine Don't you put your robes all wrong Or you will hear the witch's song

She who shall come in the middle of the night And might give you the stare of plight Only if you could stay away Then shall you see the dawn next day

Long forgotten she hides in the shadows dark Comes out only at that night, hark! Careful be! she might stare into your soul Clench your heart and take it out whole

Do you want to know what ill she sow? Why the tale so glum does grow? We must whisper so the spirits do not hear Or else they would follow us near

The witch was strong and weaker than none All by her in a jiffy was done Came the night for the veil to be thin Chanted she holding up her chin

Called the devil, his loyal pawn Danced around the unholy fire till dawn Did not arrive and the promise wasn't kept Witch sat down in the corner and wept

Told she to the devil, oh yes she did Would not show and thus she hid From the spirits mean who teased her much For her offerings, the dark lord didn't touch

Made she a vow as to seize the heart Anyone on that night who might start The way of the spirits to mock her so Wear their robes wrong and backwards go

For she wore all her robes on the wrong side And all the pretty look of them did hide Walked she a higgledy-piggledy gate And had she been in a sorry state

Spirits all bad made fun of hers For she could not lift her curse The one for which she prayed to the devil, keep in mind; The fiendish curse that made her blind!

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