The upside down

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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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some help from the stranger things... hehe

The upside down

Come on pack your things all nice And take some gold for the price Wear your cozy shoes for the ice For we are are taking a trip to the upside down

Now don't go on stuffing your bag You won't like if it's too heavy to drag I have went there before so I do nag As we are gonna go to the upside down

You might want to get some black pepper though For sprinkling in the monsters' eyes that glow And that would give you such a show! As that is what happens in the upside down

Wear your big puffer jacket for sure For if you catch a cold there might be no cure The place is icy winter pure And that is how it's in the upside down

Remember this when we get down there The place is hideous and not so fair Better keep burning up that flare It's dark and cold in the upside down

And try your best not to get lost I have warned you already about the frost And also of its dear cost Life is expensive in the upside down

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