The Problem
The Problem scary story stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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I have 9 cats.

It's for the scary story competition. But i do not find it scary.Sorry it is a bit long. meh

The Problem

He twisted his lips while entering the house. 'You just had to move in the last corner of the Earth, didn't you?'. 'Oh come on! Its not that far from the city. Stop whining. you want coffee?' Mia asked. 'Yeah, sure. Where are the kids?'

'They are in the backyard'. All of them came running as Jeremy whistled. 'Ello Blue bell! Oh hey! how are my little babies? You miss me huh!', he asked as the four Siamese cats jumped in his lap. They had always liked Jeremy more than any of Mia's siblings. He had been baby sitting them often when Mia had more office work.

'So they like it here now?'. 'Yeah! Surprisingly yes. I guess its the space; the backyard. And no stupid next door neighbors to disturb them'. They were jumping all over Jeremy. 'Okay, coffee break guys!', he put them on the ground. Max wasn't much happy with it but still got off of him.

'So mom called me about you actually--' he looked in her eyes to see if she changed expressions, '-- about the house'. He was still waiting for her to burst into complain mode about their mother. Linda wasn't very happy with her choice of residence; not now not before. It seemed that every place she rented had some awkward problems.

She felt as if all the places Mia lived in were haunted somehow; or her daughter was. 'So, what did she say?', she asked him dryly. 'Ah, you know, the same. She felt negative, and that something happened; again'. 'God. I think next time she decides to visit me you should take the cats to your place. She just dislikes them that is all'.

The cats were listening intently to them. Sometimes it felt as if they were humans; understanding everything and responding like people. Reason why Linda disliked them. She was a superstitious lady; quite old school. She hated it when Mia talked to them like talking to people. It gave her the creeps. She found her daughter rather frightening when she did that.

'What happened that night?' 'Nothing to be honest. She is just-- you know. She thought she heard someone talking in the living room. A man's voice. There was no one there. And she thought she saw a man-like shadow '. 'Then?' 'Then what? She freaked out obviously!'

'I think she must have heard someone from the outside-- someone's car radio or something. But she then gave me a lecture on choosing a bad place to live and left!'. 'Well grandma's meds do make her a little cranky, don't they?', he said to the four listeners; rubbing Maddie's belly as she rolled on the floor playfully.

'She thinks this place is haunted too', she sighed. 'But if it was the cats would have reacted you know!' 'Yeah, that is what I have been telling mom. She is a bit phobic you know, after that stupid haunted castle trip. And then her meds-- Just give her a call Mia', he said as he stood up; ready to go.

'And say what exactly? Hi mom, I got the place blessed you can visit now!'. 'Just talk, or visit her. I don't know. Just calm her down. Make a story that it was that old guy neighbor of yours talking on the phone or something!'. 'Okay! I will. You have safe drive. Don't get lost in the haunted woods--hehe'.

'Sure! haaha bye!', he waved to her and left. 'Okay so let us call granny, hmn!', she said as she dialed the number. 'Yeah like she is going to listen to your pathetic story!', Blue bell said sarcastically. 'It is okay Mia.We will not do anything when she is here again!', said Maddie softly.

'Well no guarantee on my part cuz I certainly will goof around okay-- she hit me the last time she was here. And that just because I rubbed my head with her leg', Ivy protested. 'Y'all are just dumb. Why do you even have to be idiots specially when Linda visits?', Max asked bleakly. 'Shush, She picked up', Mia quieted them as Linda finally picked up the call.

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