The picture in my room
The picture in my room dark stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
i think i can write this better with more details but my mom has told me to go the f to sleep.

I am an adult by the way.

The picture in my room

I have a picture on the wall Of my room cold and small It hangs from a thread quite old and rough But has a frame of wood tough

The pictures shows an awkward scene It has some kind of creepy sheen It does move sometimes on its own An what an awesome show is shown

Although I don't like the man much Nor the noises that he makes as such The man in the picture is whom about I talk He sometimes gets out of it to walk

He walks in my room above my head And sometimes he stands on my bed Talks all loud he does all night Often he gives a good big fright

For the things that he says don't make much sense But I try to take no offense When too much noise he makes although I turn on the lights and make him go

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