THE OTHER PATH scary stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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on the spur of the moment.


I told them not to follow that path. There are always alternate ways to reach your destination. I know the area, I have been here for a long time-- they should have listened to me. I know the other way was a bit longer. But it would have taken just 10 more minutes!

It is not my fault. No matter what you think of me. This makes me hate these teens you know. They never listen to you! Specially if you are an old ragged looking man like me. I told them I knew the place believe me.

I don't know why they didn't listen to me. Maybe due to what everybody keeps telling the tourists about me. I haven't done anything I swear. Its just people don't really like creepy looking old men who live near the woods.

And then of course the stupid tales about the woods and the cottage of the old man near them. The villagers have had something against me since I myself went to the woods from that path. That is how I know about the path. It is not safe. I managed to come back to my cottage somehow but others rarely return.

I told the kids to go from the other path. The other one is nicer for photography too you see. First they ignored me. I even went after them for at least five minutes. But they just kept ignoring me; like the villagers. These damned villagers tell everyone to ignore me.

I am sitting in my porch if you will call it a porch; most of the times. They did not return. I already knew it but still. I just hoped they would return. Their parents were here too. Poor folks. They should have instilled some manners in them; to listen to elders when they tell them something. Nothing can be done now

The woods are very beautiful actually. The villagers get nice earning due to the tourism. Mostly photographers, nature lovers and botanists visit--Occasionally groups of students. Most of them listen to the warnings, but some poor souls just bring the doom upon themselves by the aid of their own ego.

I have seen what atrocity dwells on that cursed path as I have been there some 30 years ago. Is it haunted by ghosts? Demons? Lost souls? Necromancers? I don't know. Things just happen to you; you forget what is real and what is not. Maybe its something in the plants alongside that path.

I was not warned by anyone. The village was not much inhabited at that time. So I went there. I saw things that I can't even describe correctly; and even if I did you wouldn't believe me. The last thing I remember before returning to my cottage has puzzled me all these years.

The last thing I saw was the woods; an aerial view of them. Something hauled me up from the ground I was running on-- scared of something. The path was clear; there was nobody there. The sun blinded my eyes as I was almost suspended in the air for a moment, every thing was shining when suddenly I was dropped down.

The last thing I saw was a body hanging on a branch of the tree inches away from where I landed; impaled by the sharp branch unrealistically. As I looked closely I realized it to be quite familiar. It was my body! Can you believe it?! Yeah me neither. I told them not to choose that path....

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