The nonsense event
The nonsense event sea stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
this is senseless
couldn't think of something that the goddess might have gotten
end of creativity.

The nonsense event

I'll have my throne high in the sea To mark this day so fine Today I found something so dear Something to call only mine

When night does fall and its dark as death Fireflies will light up the sky We will have such a gigantic feast Everyone in gladness shall cry

The sirens will sing their haunting songs And mermaids will dance in their way The pirates would beat their drums so loud The clamor would feel like the day

The tides will rise and fall around My throne that is made up of gold And cool breeze will blow from the north to south As we chant our rhapsody old

We will make a sacrifice to me; the Goddess Of flowers and pearls and fruits all sweet And put that dear thing that I have found In a wooden box under my feet

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