The mountain
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The mountain

'Hey! Hey, Mister?!', Danial yelled while walking towards the man that stood near the edge. 'Sir', he huffed and gave a formal mile to the man who returned it back. 'Sorry, I Didn't hear you from that far', the man exclaimed.

' Oh, yeah haha, it's fine. I uh just got sorta lost; separated from my hiking group. So I was hoping you could give me some directions if you have any idea of the place?!' 'Oh I see. I am really sorry but I too don't know much about the place--not a local. just came here once. so..!', the man said sympathetically.

'The signals also keep dropping here!', Danial exclaimed waving his cell phone in the air as if that dance would attract the signals. 'Yeah man, these hilly areas. don't you see horror movies huh?' he chuckled. The man had a very calm smile on his face, enjoying the view from the edge of the mountain, no worries at all.

Although according to him he also wasn't much aware of the place himself, he was just too caught up in the haunting beauty of the place. 'Stop trying man, you won't catch the signals here. Why don't you look around huh? Up that track, try yelling some ones's name may be?!', he said.

Danial gave out a nervous chuckle. ' Yeah, have been trying that. I guess I'll just stay here and wait for there return. This place is good!' 'Yeah, the view is breathtaking!' 'Quite literally! I have heard stories about some spots here.'

'What kinda stories?', the man asked without any curiosity as if he knew the answer already. 'You know, the cursed spot stories, fables-- people have jumped under some unexplained influence and all', he waved his hands vaguely. 'Oh yeah, me too!', the man exclaimed.

'But dude its the mountains, accidents happen all the times! I mean you are standing literally at the edge, you can lose your balance anytime! You should step back a bit, you know!' 'Hahaha, yeah, you are right', he took a step back,' So you don't believe those 'influence' stories eh?'.

'Do you?' 'Yeah man!' 'Hahaha Why?' 'I jumped the last time. Don't know what came over me. seriously!'

'No waaaay! Ahhahaa seriously? I mean this is a wicked place! And you survived!!!' 'No'.

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