The Dreamcatcher
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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Characters based on multiple folklore.

The Dreamcatcher

It looked like a cobweb. A neatly woven one, with additional glitter. Pearls of the finest shine evenly spread through the silken strands. feathers of doves hanging from the frame; obviously no doves were harmed during the process. Hanging calmly from the Dreamcatcher's back, eager to trap its next prey.

The winds whistled as the cloud cover got thicker. The blue cars on the street looked even brighter and lovelier in the weather. The Dreamcatcher looked around. Was it the correct one? It must be, otherwise big trouble. The Dreamcatcher has been pretty clumsy always and was notorious for catching the wrong dreams.

''Mmn-hmn. Clouds: Check. Blue cars: Check. Tall buildings: Check. Dreamer: Nope. Where is the dreamer? Where, where, where....''. The dreamcatcher could not see the dreamer anywhere. ''I am early. AAhhhh Thank goodness. Phew. Hahah. Not this time''. The dreamcatcher was very glad and a bit proud.

But where was the dreamer? She had to be here in the corner where the catcher stood tall; early. Once in a blue moon, the catcher did everything right. Today has been starting to look like such a day. Only if the dreamer would arrive.

''What if I am late? Oh no no no. Let us not think of bad things. She'll arrive. She will. I am early. I mean I could be early too right?!'', the catcher asked the catcher. Suddenly, faint music started somewhere in the clouds. The catcher looked at the checklist, and it was there. The dreamer was to come dancing on it.

A wide grin spread across the catcher's face. It was going to be a good day. A young woman came dancing out of the door behind the catcher. Mesmerized by the weather and the music, she danced slowly to the tune. It was a fantastic dream until now. That is why the catcher was here.

The Dreamcatcher straightened the dream catcher and stepped confidently towards the girl. She started running in the middle of the road, the cars had vanished and the clouds have turned even darker. It was time.

Note: I have had this idea for quite some time. I have an odd feeling that it might not entirely be mine. Not talking about inspiration though. I forget things. I get many ideas at times but I feel they are not mine, that I must have read them, heard or watched them

somewhere and now I can't remember where. And therefore I do not write them. I don't know if you understand or accept what I mean. But I am quite frankly, very forgetful. If you feel any such idea might have been seen by you somewhere, tell me kindly as I might try writing more of this one. Thank you.

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