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The Dreamcatcher lll

''And what did you save me from, exactly???'', she raised an eyebrow and asked. The Dreamcatcher looked shady, there was no doubt. That is why dreamers often didn't trust. That is why the notoriety was more glamourized in the community. ''From your nightmare missy. Don't you dare raise a brow. I have done you good service, yes I have''.

Drama. You have to live up to the fame. The catcher was early, completed the work in time and with efficiency without any mistake and the lass still raised an eyebrow. Ignorant girl, for she could have been one of the bad cases.

''But I wasn't having a nigh...'' ''No you weren't. you were about to have one'', the catcher smirked. ''And I saved you from it. The ministry of sleep has recorded that you have had a tad too many this past week, so we were trying to give you some relief.'' ''Oh. uh....oh. I see..... That is... great!''.

She was a little ashamed now. It had been a rough week. The nightmares were more and scarier than usual due to stress and she had experienced sleep paralysis also, twice. She felt relaxed. ''Thank you. Very much''. ''Ah. yeah. It is my job. Don't worry, I get paid'', the catcher winked.

''What?'' ''I said I get paid''. ''For what???'' ''For catching the bad dreams, you buffoon. Ah. Okay, see this-'', the catcher pointed towards the catcher, ''-This is a dream catcher. I catch the nightmares in it.'' The catcher went closer to the girl to show her the catcher.

''You see these? the shiny particles? These are the nightmare dust. The dust is caught by the web of the dream catcher, keeping you safe!''. The catcher spoke softly now as if teaching a child. Well, she was quite a child to the catcher, for she was merely 28 Earthly years old, and the catcher--well the catcher was as old as dreams. Pretty darn old.

''Wow!'', she looked at the catcher with amusement. ''So, who are you and who pays you and why do they pay you for this? I didn't even know if this was a job even!'', she giggled. Too many questions. ''Well. I am the..... Dreamcatcher...'', the catcher held a hand out as a gesture to her, to guess. But she couldn't.

''But... isn't this the dream catcher?'', she pointed towards the beautiful webbed thing now hung at the catcher's shoulder again. ''Oh tha.. that.. that is a dream catcher. I catch dreams using it. catches the bad dreams, and I catch the dreams using the catcher am THE Dreamcatcher... cuz I catch the dreams and this is my catcher

and I am a catcher. Soooo...'', the Dreamcatcher waited for any response from the confused dreamer. ''You get it right?!''. ''Ah. yeah. Perfectly. so. yeah. Yes. You. You are a dream catcher. And that thing is YOUR dream catcher. So, you both are dream catchers. But YOU, you are The Dream catcher...err. Right?!''.

''Ahh yes. Yes yes yes. I am THE Dreamcatcher and this is my dream catcher. Intelligent girl''. ''But. Why do both of you have the same name?'' ''Becauuuuuse... We catch dreams and what would you call a thing that catches dreams. Not Steve or Cara, anyway!''.

''But it's confusing!''. ''Oh what is confusing. I am the Dreamcatcher and this is the dream catcher. what is confusing about that?'', the catcher was now irked. ''Oh yeah. Well. But you could always have a nickname. Right?'' ''Like what?'' ''I don't know!! Like. DC or something?''.

''Dc???'', the catcher squinted hard while elongating the C. ''The initials. D.C. Dream. Catcher?!!!''. ''AAAAAAh yes yes yes. That is valuable advice. Nobody has ever said anything like this ever though!'' But why? It had been eons since the catcher has been in service, yet no one ever said such a

thing. Perhaps because many people didn't really see the catcher, others didn't ask that many questions. ''Why do you not come often? I get a lot of nightmares. Bad ones. Too often. Too many,'' she asked in a desperate low voice. ''I just go when the ministry tells me, dearest. It is not my choice. They pick the dreamer.

They have their own criterions. I just obey the orders!''. The catcher knew it was half true. But there was no use of telling it to her. She was about to forget everything. ''But why? That is unfair?''. ''Maybe. Maybe not. Who am I to say. It is time for me to go. Have a better night tonight. Have good dreams tonight.

Sleep little bird And dream of bliss, Forget about the web And the nightmare's hiss, For you shall sleep now Rest dear, rest; May the dawn next Bringeth thee the best''.

The catcher swayed the catcher over the dreamer's head and vanished from the dream. It was time to go to the next dreamer, to the next rescue. But the dreamer feared to be late again to the next one. For no one ever asked so many questions before. At least it won't be the catcher's fault this time though! **********************************

I haven't used much detail about the Dreamcatcher. Just a few things like hair color and height and age--roughly. What image does form in your mind when you read this? What do you feel the catcher looks like? Someday I can tell you what my design is. What the catcher looks like to me :)

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