The Dreamcatcher ll
The Dreamcatcher ll dreamcatcher stories

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The Dreamcatcher ll

The music tasted like petrichor. Her jeans and T-shirt had transformed into this magnificent gown that fluttered in the cool breeze as she ran around. Oblivious of what was about to come, she danced around and giggled loudly--for no none was there. Well, no one except our catcher.

She felt a little tingle on her neck. It felt like someone was watching her. But not in a bad way. In a dreamy, beautiful, non-stalky way. She took out her phone to take a picture of her but the camera didn't set to selfie mode. Irritating. It was only working for the rear camera which displayed the sky wrong.

The beautiful grey clouds and the soft beams of light were something else on the phone screen. The image was the same, but the colors were horrible. It looked like the clouds were on fire. A feeling of dread swept over her. The nightmare was afoot.

It was the final cue in the list. The Dreamcatcher held the dream catcher firmly and gently swept it around her. The motion was more dramatic than it might sound. Our Dreamcatcher had been one dramatic black haired wonder. For the dreamer, it was just a surprising huge seive swinging around her as if filtering the

air. Its dangling feathers hit her softly but the pearls in them hit her quite hard. The surprise made it feel harder actually. at the other end of the beaded-feathered cobweb in a wood frame, there stood an odd being. Not odd in appearance, but in demeanor. Legs strong on the ground, a foot apart from each other. Arms swinging the giant sieve in a slow-motion

style, head dropped back and hair fluttering in the breeze. ''WHAT THE HELL?'', the dreamer asked with eyes wide open. The picture on the phone was correct now. ''I am your savior. From the nightmare, Madam. You are welcome.''

She stared confusedly. People usually didn't see the Dreamcatcher, if they did they forgot as soon as the dream ended. If they must remember, people would call them crazy. Heck, even they themselves would call themselves crazy. But some times, some one a little more special would see and remember. She wasn't one, though.

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