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A Thanks


Gather friends around me now It's time for me to sleep, Come lay down beside me in my bed, In your arms so I could weep

Move through my hair your fingers made of air, And kiss my cheeks with your lips of moonlight soft; Put me to slumber deep again when I wake up As I do in the midnight oft

I wake up once and I wake up twice, Screams on my lips but silent much Cannot breath or move I lay there trying to yell But noise I do not make any such

The shadows of the dreams dissolve in the dark Around me in my cold dark room, Eyes wide open just as mouth is open mine Heart beats in my head with gloom

Why no one knows oh no one knows What have I to go through every night? Why no one feels and no one thinks Of my horrible horrible plight?

'Tis but a dream, they tell me so; It goes away when you open your eyes, 'Tis just the things you saw in the day 'Tis just your mind conjouring lies

So I must tell no one what happens any more I must now from this practice refrain Much time had gone to waste in the tellings mine And nothing I have earned but disdain

Will keep waking up in the night many times, At midnight or in the witch's hour, Still have some screams etched on my lips, Still have in my throat a taste sour

But some one will always caress, Hold me in their arms and shush me to sleep; It will be you my friends, imaginary though In whose embrace I may curl up and weep.

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