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badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
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something about the nightmare that woke me up today.

Sweet dreams

Oh let me run all wild out there For I might be all running out of time, I must reach the gates before they close; Must pass this scape before the death bells chime

The bus I must catch will take me to doom, But I cannot know this before I am a passenger Must run quick and get on it fast Rush in the arms of the dark messenger-

I am sorry my dear as I cannot call you back, I am supposed to die in a minutes few; But may be I will escape this transit hell-bound , Till then I guess I'll enjoy the dreadful view

The monsters are going to get us one by one I can see them standing on both the road sides, But let us try to sit down and hide under the seats, May be they will leave us be and past us glide

This town oh so grim is making us all shudder The creatures all mutated are not even bound! There goes a bird with the head of an infant fine, There howls at us a neck-less hound-

The bird which gleams like a thousand crystals clear, Singing so merrily upon that wall; Why does it make my heart skip too many a beat, Why does it makes my soul out of my body fall?

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