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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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'No tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering'.
-Pinhead, Hellraiser

I did the silly arting.


It has been long since all that is happening Is happening without a halt And sight is nowhere that it would any soon stop All is but my own fault

In days all of these that suffered I had, Has no one even got to know; Silent tears I have shed and the screams that I did, Swallow not to put on a show

Saline elixir of life drinking I, Have tried to quench my thirst Gagging my throat with my lumped up wails Have tried to remain unburst

The shadow that lurked behind me all these years Has now taken full control, Dark is what I saw and dark is what I see The tunnel ends in the shades of kohl

Eyes now barren don't shed any tears Just as long ago they would, 'No tears darling', tells my dark captor to me 'It's a waste of this suffering good'

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