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Some more rambling

I thought of this thing while watching the movie Valerian and The City of a Thousand planets and then forgot. I recalled it today while talking with @poemsaboutlife on aliens. We were talking about the debate on the existence of aliens. How we started talking about it is stupidly strange so let's not go there.

In that movie and many other movies depicting aliens, or the life on some other planet; there are some very huge similarities. Now, I have only watched Hollywood made sci-fi so the analysis is limited to the very mainstream, big-budgeted, popular movies that I have watched.

The movie I mentioned starts with an alien; no, a very pretty alien in her house on some distant planet that came out of my dreams (that I dream with the open eyes because the other ones are called nightmares. eeeeeeeekkk). Pearly, everything is so pearly, the water is pearls and ... well that is not the issue.

So, the planet folk are these beautiful people, wearing similar dresses, looking similar, speaking one language, the same accent...... same is everything. They are more like a single race. Yes. recall all the sci-fi films that you have seen and tell me because I haven't seen many. Taking this Valerian one, Alien, Thor (Jotenhiem actually), Avatar, Guardians of

of the Galaxy (most of the planets in that) etc. In most such movies, the people from different planet are actually more like just one race or one single social unit. Jotenhiem for instance, the planet folk is the frost giants (my imaginary boyfriend Loki being one of them). Whenever you are presented by people from another planet they are same.

But we see that humans are not like that. Humans have many races; or may I use skin colours for that matter. Black, very black, grey black, warm dark brown, cool dark brown, cool brown, olive, wheatish brown, orangish brown, pale brown, white, china clay white, yellow white, pink white.... and a hundred more. Similarly, thousands of kinds of attires,

languages, accents of the same language and what not. But, when it comes to aliens---NAH. They be blue, all of them, the same fashion of hair and shoes followed by the whole planet ( yeah, which generally has population that can fit on a ship smaller than the Titanic to leave the planet in crisis), same language, same weather.....

Why am I comparing to humans? Well, humans make aliens in the image of the things that they have seen. Like, insects, humans themselves, machines etc.; the worldly stuff that is. Then why when making the population of other planets you tell us they all are the same race and ethnic group ( or multiple ethnic groups within a race mostly).

Why do they forget that just like us they might be multiracial and multilingual. Or at least not all following the same damn fashion trend. Like, I need answers. (Although the answer is that just like they think of a supreme human race; 'the race', so they apply the same on aliens. Yeah, kill me now that I said it. DUH).

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