Some Lovecraftian Shit

Some Lovecraftian Shit world stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Hi. I wrote some highly inspired nonsense. Accept my apologies.

Some Lovecraftian Shit

There is a world that I have visited in my dreams; a far too many times. Although a place of dread it is, but I still love to go there. Again and again.

I am not sure where it is, is it in the sky or is it in some other dimension; some other planet, some other galaxy or some other universe.

It is built on a body of black water, darker than a raven and has a cement gray sky which glimmers like small mirrors. Clouds of crystals deep purple float while it rains the same black water that floats underneath.

The structures- oh the structures it has! Towers so tall, they go higher than those clouds, where the sky turns orange; glimmering, shining orange.

Vines all flashy green cover the towers and glow in the night in their neon glory, showing wanderers the way. In those towers live creatures of all kinds. Some visible, some not; and some so horrid you wish you didn't have eyes to begin with.

These creatures- well, the invisible ones are just mischievous. They are the ones who put fear in your heart and you run from one room to another, not looking back so you don't turn to stone.

Some monstrous entities that are visible might range from hideous looking talking birds to tiny dwarf like men; with their black eyes and wrinkly skin; talk in an eerie- sharp voice that sends shivers down your spine.

And then they are those terrible beings, so mighty they reach half the height of the towers they reside in. Dark and mysterious, talking in tongues so filthy on your ears; cloaked in huge garments made of ivory embellished with stones yielding such intense brightness they blind you.

The towers float on the inky waters as well as the paths that connect them. All of them made of stone as white as a bone, carved in impossible angles. There the smaller creatures hideous in character just like their appearances; trade souls of wanderers who get lost, trapped or punished in their street side bazaars.

A crimson moon shines in the sky which gives out this buzzing sound which might drive you crazy if you pay much attention to it. I love visiting the place, for I never get trapped or lost in those floating alleys and lofty towers; for I feel myself at home.

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