Slender man
Slender man dark stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
saw a picture of slender man this morning.
he is fascinating, isn't he?

Slender man

Dear Slender man mine Won't you come out to play? It's quite a good morning In the woods today

Let us take a stroll nice In the woods thick and sweet You have been inside for long Too much rest for your feet

Might we find a soul All ready in that place May it put a smile On your featureless face

O dear Slender man mine I know that you see But does it ever bother Can't utter a word in glee?

Hard it must be sweetheart For you to stay all mute See all that is happening In this life so brute

But worry not darling mine I know what you want to say That it's really a good morning To go out and play!

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