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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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grammatical mistakes might be present. kindly identify them for correction.
English is my third language.

i express myself in my third language; what does that tell about me?!


I shall put all my fantasies to bed Tonight and the nights to come For there is no use for any of them All my worlds fantastic but glum

They do not provide with what they should Escapes all kinds of ways Relief they bring though at times But the reality heavy still stays

My dragon all mighty who flies above Takes me to heights serene Fire is what it blows on my dreams Ashes all around are seen

The princes all swell who want me to be theirs Plead and beg for my love They too just vanish when the time comes When reality's push comes to shove

Imaginary friends who lay in my bed Caress me when nightmares befall Have to be gone when people come by Won't appear even if I call

So let me now bury them deep in my soul Darkest and deepest pits that exist Can live my life in reality's realm Wandering blindly in this deep mist

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