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my brain is broken.

Running Away

I have always loved running. This doesn't imply that I run. I just love running. Maybe because I do not do it very often that is why I love it. When I get a chance to run, it's just for a minute or two before I become breathless. Lack of physical activity does that to you my dears haha. Why I don't get a chance to run is a long story so not going into that.

Kindly do not tell me to more active or thing like that. I know them, I have my reasons. One reason I can tell you, is me being lazy. heh. Whenever I get angry or frustrated, I imagine running. The fact that I cannot go for a run most of those times frustrates me more, so for that

I do not think of running often now. I used to get dreams in which I am running when I was younger more often just like my dear Salma. Now they are less frequent. Almost gone.

I also like to think about the other running away: The 'running away' running away. Running away from responsibilities (which to be honest are very few), running away from studies, running away from my relatives (hehe, not guilty, running away from myself---running away from my life.

I don't know what is the purpose of all this that I am telling you. I guess I studied too much today. At least more than I did yesterday so I am being cranky. Is it bad to want a job which pays you well but you have to just watch movies and TV series? If yes, please hire me.

I think about running around in the corridors of a ruined Scottish castle. Pretty specific huh. And also in a meadow. I would run around in a meadow while light breeze dashes against my face and I am a millionaire somehow so I do not have to worry about work and stuff. Leaving everything behind feels good sometimes.

Moral of the story: I should see a doctor. (*and rob a bank*)

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