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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Incoherent rant. It rhymes but doesn't really fit . Unbalanced lines.
Advice on grammatical errors is welcome as always (there might be too many of those errors in here).
As the poem might pose me to be suicidal; I am not-- just FYI so don't worry. (I mean not right now anyway 😂)


If I die soon remember this my dears I have shed too many a tears For things that I have and the things that I don't For feelings that share I ever won't

Remember this darlings for I won't be there to remind And you might not be able to rewind Things I have have done and things I have not Things that happened without my thought

Have broken me apart and have left me in hell I am but no angel who from heaven fell Things that I have spoken and things that I can't Things that I must say but I shan't

Afraid I am for the things which I want to say Are brutal much and my heart they do flay They rip my soul to shreds if I try to say them loud My fear unfathomable on them puts a shroud

In fear I have lived and in fear I will die In cowardice I bred and in cowardice I lie For life has been disastrous, an insecure place Things always keep happening which I dare not face

I would like to run away from all that happens around Truth is I always feel if been chased by some hounds I run and run in my mind, imagine that I fly Away from every fear and to live I do try

Reveries vivid mine take me to kingdoms great For sometime do they last and a bigger void they create Oh what a great escape I have to opt for This is what I do all the time for sure

You wonder why I don't ever break down all these walls They are what keep me safe when lonliness falls I have tried to mingle more with the visible human kind But haven't been much welcomed into most people's minds

I have much limitations and many a problems too I try to find some people who will know what I say is true But world this is much ruthless and doubts me all the time I cannot find a corner where being me is no crime

I have said too much for I have never been so clear Zipped up all the time, this much is just too fair I am at a loss of words when I have to speak for me Repeating some words simple is what I could manage it to be

So if I die remember that I do not blame you For any of what happens, I never have a clue The biggest thing I regret in my short life rough Despite all of that trying, I won't ever be good enough.

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