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badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
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I don't know why I always write stories in this narration style.
Also, Grammarly thinks 'gays' is a wrong word. what am I supposed to write; these gay people? so long?


Here we are reinventing the wheel. No, literally. We are. We lost everything when we came to your planet. The space crafts, unfortunately, do not have any wheels. And you guys also don't use them. It is not reinvention per se, but remaking I guess? Though we have to reinvent many things. All the things.

Contrary to the popular opinion and the popular measures taken by the last governments, only the idiots survived as you can see. Man, you have got no idea how we managed to get that spaceship started. Like who could have thought huh?!

We made these movies and wrote stories about the end of the world. Each one of them had one exact plan for saving mankind; keep the wealthy and genetically superior people safe in secret locations to repopulate the world. The joke was on them.

There were many flaws in that plan. The rich people were obviously big-time douchebags. Duh! They killed each other literally over petty issues. The genetically superior ones were also dragged in. Not all of them died though, a couple of them are here but they are almost as useless as we are.

One runs very fast and has a very ideal body type, another one has very good taste buds that; son of a Ramsay always calling out our dishes. Man, we had low supplies! I wonder why nobody got irritated by him and killed him. Another one is extremely good at the basic sciences and the last one is good at painting and shit. Useless bastards.

The science gal is still better though, at least she knows basics about the real stuff and the only one who can help in the reinvention process. The rest of us are just basically worthless. If the fifty-four of us restart the humankind, God it's gonna be a mess. You won't mate with us by any chance??? No. Oh. Okay. Understandable.

We are going to reinvent the civilization by reproducing, which, to be honest, is not gonna work I feel. Everybody hates each other. I mean the ones who can mate to reproduce. These gays don't know the pressure and responsibility on our shoulders man!

When we unearthed remains of an ancient civilization, the scientists would say:' Oh! It is astonishing how those ancient primitive people used such advanced techniques! Oh! Were they aided by Ancient Aliens?! Oh! How could those who came way before us be better than us in any way?!'.

I'll tell you how. Just like this. We dipshits are going to redo the civilization thingy because the nicer people are all dead. And we know jackshit to be honest. So we will take many generations to get to the technological progress of this time.And then after many years ago if our new generations go back to Earth and they will find the remnants of their ancestors

under the ground. They are going to say the same shit believe me. That is human nature for you my dear. Every generation thinks they have done something out of the world and that the older ones were just plain idiots. Well, that would be correct in case of us though. We literally are idiots.

So as thier leader--- FINE!, Ugh. As their representative, I ask you to kindly provide us with some mechanisms and materials so we don't have to go the long way. Yeah, we know you gave us your moon to live but look that was a spare and you weren't doing anything with it exactly so... Okay please, please! Just some stuff!

Cars and some microwave ovens, and food processors and ahh and like, toiletries and... fine!... and ah hair dryers and some already grown food stuff you know. Wait! Hey, why not?! No believe me we will not ruin the place. Oh, come on! It wasn't us who did it the last time! HEY!!!! DAMN IT.

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