Recurring despair
Recurring despair despair stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Recurring despair

Last night when I opened my eyes in the dream I stood in vast fields of lavender serene And tulips in the center and some daisies sweet too, Some big red roses too in between

As I ran through the fields in the cool breeze I felt all good and thought somehow That if these fields have let me in at last, I might be welcomed into paradise now

But little did I knew the nature's plan That it had for me so secretly made; As I rushed towards the gates of heaven My naked feet were cut by a blade

My feet they bled all red on the ground Crimson extreme putting those roses to shame, Messed up all the flower bed Making me and filth of the ground the same

Knocked on the door I and pleaded for help Asked for a bandage and a place to rest Some drink for refreshment and some food to replenish My own quiet corner would be the best

But heaven did decline my helpless requests And did not let me enter from the gates at all Told me to stay back as my sticky bloody feet Were destroying their magnificent wall

Turned back I did with my worn out toes Looked at all the mess I had left behind Heaven did wave at me from far above Yelled that there was not yet any peace for me to find.

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