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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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I have a slight headache. I am a bit angry. My bed sheet is bright pink.


'Thea--there was too much noise... too much'.

The bed sheet was red. It had blue and pink unicorns on it. It was a girl's bed. Why would you place such flamboyant colours on a bed sheet? Why do you think that bright blood red canvas could be painted over by a giant mythical creature; that too in equally flashy pink and purple with hints of that vulgar yellow horn and would look good?

Why does the girl likes it? Why do girls like such colors-- feminine? Who said they were feminine? Who said to put red with pink and indigo on the bed and pair it with extremely bright curtains on the whole window-wall? Probably some one with no aesthetic sense.

She was sitting on the sofa in her little cousin's room. Who invites a hundred people to a birthday anyway? She is just turning 11, not getting married! An orange sofa. An orange sofa? Why? And a bright pink carpet. For God's sake.....

Too much noise from the outside, children screaming while playing, adults laughing. Why do children scream while playing? What purpose does screaming serve in playing? Eyes were tired and her heart had started beating in her head.

'Heyyy! Found you finally. Why are you sitting here huh? huh?'. Bastard. More unaesthetic was his cheesy grin; trying so hard to hit on her. Why do guys think girls get impressed by cheesiness? Isn't there any 'classy' hitting on? Well, the classy ones don't need to hit on.

'Look. I needed to show you something'. More like show off. Despicable cur. 'It's the butterfly knife I was telling you about before you ran away'. That cheesy grin. Again.

'Just got it out of the trunk to show you my lady!'. Cheap. He started doing some childish trick with the knife, leaning in closer to her; his legs pressed against hers and one arm now clasping her shoulder. She removed his hand from her shoulder. 'It's nice. I have a headache. I would really appreciate if you

leave me alone'. 'We are alone baby! ALL alone'. That cheap smirk again. He leaned in closer to her, now waving the dagger in front of her eyes. Slowly, he started moving the blade across her neck. She tried pushing him away but he forced himself more on her. The children started making more noise. The curtains were tied with a pink

cloth. The cupboard was also in shades of the sunset; bright as if just made to set your eyes ablaze. Children should not have such violent coloured rooms. There was a game competition going on outside perhaps. Children and adults both were screaming with fun. He was trying to muffle her insults, slathering himself upon her more. The ceiling was bright yellow. The fan was

bright pink. The door was orange and bright neon green. He was wearing a crimson velvet jacket. His pants were black and his shirt was white-- now red. She gutted him like a fish with his knife. The blood had coloured his shirt the red of his jacket. Her light blue dress was red too now. So was the bed cover. So was half of the sofa now.

He was screaming. The children were screaming. The adults were screaming. She was screaming. The bed cover was screaming. The ceiling was screaming. The curtains were screaming. The carpet was screaming. The cupboard was screaming. The door was screaming. Every one was screaming. ******

'Thea--there was too much noise... too much'. Truth. 'I am so sorry... Everything was... noisy..him...he.....I was.. defending...' 'Too much noise.. there was'.

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