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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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My funeral

I have attended numerous funerals in my life but every other one feels like a new experience. As if I have never been to one before.

I like the solemn ambiance of the whole ceremony you know. Now don't get me wrong; obviously it is a mournful event nothing to be liked about-- but still. People are sad, some crying, some just staring at the walls; trying to comprehend what just happened in their life.

And some others; for official presence, third cousins who don't give a shit and are here because aunt Martha needed an escort, some for the food and talk.

Beautiful flower arrangements, fresh fragrant rooms-- everything is so nice, so calm; even amid the gloom of death. Awkward, no?!

You might not feel the way I feel. I always think of my funeral. I imagine how people will cry, some will stare at the walls trying to understand what happened, some will be there just because I died and they need to confirm it; though I doubt the presence of any third cousins or aunt Martha.

Maybe because I don't have an aunt Martha, or an aunt for that matter. Nor do I have third cousins, or any cousins for that matter. Or a funeral.

The aunts that I had once have been long gone, the cousins that I once played with are gone-and so is everybody else that I ever had a natural relationship with.

Being immortal sucks.

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