My Best Friend
My Best Friend dark stories

badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
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i have a final exam and an assignment on Monday. I have no prep.

My Best Friend

I have a friend That I only see She is the bestest friend There ever could be

We play at night When every one's asleep We don't make much noise Silence we keep

She brings her rag doll And I bring my barbie too We make them drink tea And eat some stew

We tell each other stories Of places we have been Things that we have eaten And the animals we have seen

I tell her all about My day at the school All about my friends And the things I did cool

She too tells me stories Of things that she did It has been a long time For what she's been a kid

She cries some tears scarlet From her hollow sunken eyes As she tells me the tales Of her last goodbyes

I try to make her happy And play with her some more Until the dawn arrives And she fades into the floor

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