Mundane mundane stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
some crap again. idk if it makes sense. I don't feel like writing anything. I wish I could.


You wake up And long for caffeine, Your neighbors, and classmates and family members too- And city dwellers at most all around the globe, All almost bowing your heads down And prostrating in front of the espresso machine- Common God for those of multiple faiths

You fill your plate, So to fill the emptiness inside you Hungry you are and so are all people, And all creatures- Should eat almonds as they are good for the brain; Open the microwave oven, Bow down before the higher God Survival-

You go to work, To do the work you need to do, Whether you like it or not- Survival; So do your neighbors, and all the countrymen Run the races Rats- Bow down before the lower Gods Survival

You accomplish things Or may be not- And so do other people, Or perhaps they do not- Complete the races or are left behind, Survive All of you Die in the end; The only difference is 'when' Bow down before the ultimate God You can't escape.

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