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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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can be taken metaphorically. sorry its a bit long.


Vivid dreams are strange, aren't they? They feel real. They are a part of your reality, but reality isn't a part of them. I remember a dream I had a long time ago. I remember it for its unusually haunting feeling. It was vivid. Extremely vivid.

It wasn't just a dream, it was the worst nightmare I have ever had. I have had nightmares my whole life, but it was definitely the worst. It was the worst because it felt too real. I don't know why the good ones never feel as real. I remained affected by its absurd realism for quite a long time.

I saw myself sitting in my couch in the library at daytime, reading a book and sipping tea. No one was home. My husband had went for a walk. I know it was a dream because he never goes out for a walk. In those days that I had this dream, I had some doubts about my husband's loyalty-- So I thought to myself in the

dream that the walk must have been an excuse to attend his adulterous affairs. I sip my tea and think of finally questioning him that day when he came back for I had some evidence against him. That is why the dream was so realistic. They say most of the dreams are just manifestations of what's going on in your life and mind.

Out side the sunlight starts dimming and clouds start covering the sky. Thick black clouds. I have heard seeing such clouds in a dream is a bad omen. I feel a tinge of unease, an anxiety creeping upon me as the room darkens in mid-day. Dreams have strange ways of making you feel scared without something scary.

I get the feeling as if something bad is going to happen. They say women have very strong intuitions, I didn't know it was in dreams too. Suddenly, I hear a noise in the lawn. I think it might be my husband. I wait for a moment but nothing happens. I think it might be some stray cat jumping around.

I keep reading the book and pick the cup to take a sip but the tea is finished and some leaves remain. I put the cup on the side table and keep reading the book. I feel someone in the hall, But I do not turn back to see as the couch has its back towards the door to the hallway. I ignore the feeling as I rule it out for being already anxious due to no reason .

I then strongly feel a presence behind me. Just as I turn around, a heavy object hits my forehead. The hands wielding it are drawn back to hit again. I see a familiar man standing at my back as blood drips onto my eyes and blurs the sight. I don't understand anything in the shock. I didn't know you can feel such immense pain in a

dream. But I feel it, at the first blow on my forehead, at the second blow on my on my nose, at the third blow on my head again which doubles the pain as my neck snaps with it too. The final blow makes everything go dark and the pain stops. It took me a little while to wake up from the dream. I was shivering when I did. I had fell

asleep in my couch reading the book. Me and my husband do not talk anymore. I confronted him about the affair and he lost his mind. He left the place after the fight. No, its not like that you see, the house he left to me was left as a courtesy as he was found guilty. He had all the other things after he left me. My father had signed off his property to me which I gave to

my husband at sometime--which I don't remember when, but I had. Because how else can he acquire all that and leave me like that? It has been 5 years since he went away. I stay at the house. I have all I need. My arrangements are made for life as my father is wealthy.

Sometimes, some very few times when I think about the dream too much-- I feel as if it wasn't a bad dream.

I feel as if it is a memory.

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