Lost and found
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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Lost and found

Maze of the Minotaur Keeps me engaged in the quest Of finding the beast and killing it- For legend has it That it must be ended so as to be free Of the timely tribute; The sacrifice of blood and soul

But I am no Theseus, Nor is any Ariadne waiting for me outside To hand me with a lifeline And save me from getting lost-

I Keep getting lost in the madness, The labyrinth with a thousand turns and twists Keeps inviting me in And I keep falling in the trap that it lays Kill the beast- Every way and every turn takes me there no matter which way is chosen As it is supposed to do-

And I, Like clockwork Keep going in and try to find the beast Offering myself for the timely sacrifice Keep getting lost In order to find the beast That is already found-

It is trapped too, In the very maze In which I trap myself time and time again Just to get the revelation That the beast wears my head.

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