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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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I tried hard to somehow explain this, but failed.


The big dark clouds cover the sky, The winds oh so sweet Make my hair flutter

They dampen their fibers with their misty composition And tell me its going to rain; Soon-

Petrichor Its sweet- It opens my lungs And lets me inhale the happiness in the air, Misty are now my breaths.

A longing burns up From the core of my heart, To wander of to the places That I have never visited; But they call me I can hear it in my goosebumps As they start dancing with excitement-

Why do they call me there? For the lands are unknown, Unseen Unheard of By me- But I feel that is where I belong Those lands unheard of are my real abode

I pray the weather to never change To keep the sweet longing burning bright in my heart, So I may keep myself wrapped up cozily In the dream that is not true, In the Feeling I cannot express, In lands I cannot be.

******* I wrote this, in hope of expressing this weird feeling that I always had when the weather was all gray and misty; rainy or about to rain. Weird in a good way, strange and quite fairytale-ish. I failed to express it. I hope someday I can say what I really want to. Someday, this curse must wear off.

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