Liar liar
Liar liar liar stories

badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
a bit graphic.
as you know me.

this could be a prompt for a nice revenge based horror back story by the way if anybody wants to try.

Liar liar

Liar liar Pants on fire Why did you just had to lie? Liar liar Your desire Shouldn't have to be so sly

Liar liar Oh this pyre Of your wretched sin is here Liar liar Flying higher You didn't expect to fall down there!

Liar liar Cunning buyer Bought my little fate didn't you? Liar liar Deal entire Made it look illustrious too

Liar liar Will you hire Any one else for the offering mine? Liar liar My desire Is to turn around this evening fine!

Liar liar In the fryer There you go you wicked soul Liar liar Soaring higher Flames that burn your carcass whole

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