I am late Because I hate introductions.

I am late

Because I hate introductions. introduction stories

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something about introductions.

I am late Because I hate introductions.

I hate introductions. I have always hated them. Being a shy, asocial introvert for the most part of my life; I have dreaded introductions (I just am less shy now, rest remains the same to a great extent). I have hated my name in my childhood specifically.

I have a difficult and unusual name. I have been also told that it is a masculine name. It also rhymes with a nasty olden day insult too (people who know Urdu/Hindi and related languages will know). I have come home from school crying many times because of that. Shah Bukht is my first name; two separate words but one name.

The meaning of my name has been controversial. LOL. Shah means King/Ruler in Persian and Bukht means fate/destiny/luck. So, it's either 'One with the King's fate' or in more metaphorical meanings ' the one with the higher/better/great - fate/luck'. Confusing. Until now, the meaning doesn't seem to matter.

So, going back to my hatred of introductions; I dread taking my own name. Thankfully, mine is fairly uncommon so I don't have a namesake. Don't you find it weird to call someone by your name?

My introductions go like this: I am Shah Bukht. Them: what???? 'SHAH BUKHT' Them: Shabaah??? 'SH-AA-H B-A-KHT' Them: Shawa? Shawakh? Shahaba? Shabahat???? Just call me Fatima. Or Shah. Kill me now.

The thing that infuriates me is that they all very well know the rhyming insult and they know the variation of the name which is fairly common i.e. Khush Bukht (khush=happy/delightful/good/beautiful). I am not going to say the insult and anyone who knows it better not say it or you will be murdered; ruthlessly.

Kidding. I am fine with it now. (or am I?). So, introductions are a toil. A person who already isn't very good at communication, is not confident at all, has been bullied a bit for their name generally and also has to repeat their name a hundred times before the other person understands it-- the dread is fair don't you think?

I have skipped intros many many times. I almost forget my name sometimes and specifically what other things I am supposed to tell. Happens most in new classes; tell your name, preferred subject(s) and the miserable ' something interesting about yourself'. Yeah so My name is what you won't understand, favourite subjects I forgot and the interesting thing is I hate intros.

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